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Beginners Guide to SEO 101

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Step-by-Step guidance to skyrocketing results of audience expansion and fame

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This is not a blog post but an informational article helping those who are learning to use SEO and those that are intending to expand their knowledge in search engine optimization

The goal of an SEO

Search engine optimizations where created to help surface valuable content on top of search engines. SEOs help businesses bring in customers and share critical information before even ending on the landing page.

According to Udemy: 95% of user clicks all go to Google first page results.

And let me ask you this — Do you even look at Google 2nd page results? I know I don’t and I bet you don’t either and if you do just know the content on the second page and beyond tend not give valuable information.

By the end of this post if you follow and understood what I explain, best believe your SEO results will have significant changes.

** One more special benefit to gaining a responding SEO is that if you get to the top results on Google it is all free.

3 Steps to get to the top of Google Searches

  • 1) Keyword Search → These are the main words that describe your business. This is vital to your business because not only you lucky to get the sight from a viewer but they can get a pitch of what your site really is!
Picture #1

According to Picture 1, the keyword search for Documented Press is: With “Flashing breaking news and reporting the most important topics at your fingertips we are here to give you everything as we find out. #newsintheflash.”

  • 2) Optimization → This is where you break down the content. You need to have your information at a niche point and build from there. The optimization works better when you targeting a very specific group of people.
Picture #2

In this case, picture #2 optimization exclaims: “ Documented Press Entertainment. To see and to give. News From …”

Well, the optimization here isn’t good because I haven’t updated it. (My excuse is that I am busy working on another startup so I didn’t fix it and that was when I had no knowledge of SEOs).

By default, Google has shown that Documented Press Entertainment news is “to see and give”.

So make sure to optimize your site so Google doesn’t just assume what you want.

  • 3) Build Authority → that’s where you create compelling content that users are sharing all over the place.

Recommended Keyword Search Tool

Keywords Everywhere!

“ The Keywords Everywhere extension is your free keyword tool. It can be easily installed in either Chrome or Firefox. The best part is that we show you using Google keyword search volume, cost per click and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.”

I hope you taking notes because if you weren’t already I recommend you to go back because all this is important. And I mean really important if you serious about digital marketing.

SEO Analytics

To me, SEO analytics comes down to three parts.

  1. Volume → The number of viewers at a certain time (e.g Day — Month — Year, etc)
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC) → When you get more clicks that means there is more value you receiving. When using CPC you can also find out which keyword has more value once you download an SEO application like Keywords Everywhere.
  3. Competition → Using programs like Keywords Everywhere you can find out how many people are clicking links with a certain keyword and the strength of competitors using it.

SEO on Graphs

Photo Credits: Pitiya

For the ranking start from the bottom right of the graph and move your way up as you gain more of an audience.

This is the best factor to use when you keyword optimizing!

How to SEO Optimize Your Homepage?

Well, the SEO web result title is important so when people search they can get a much relevant topic. It’s like when you looking for a book about theology you’d find it easier when the book title has keywords like “Jesus” or “Christianity”. It’s the same way with websites on web results.

Right after you got the title make sure your brand name is right in front of the title on the homepage. Personal branding is key. Wherever you go personal branding is reliable. It is a factor that keeps things going.

→ Want more info about personal branding? Watch the video below ←

Right after the title don’t forget again to express your brand/business.

The screenshot I have on the left has Google results on Facebook.

Facebook gives a little description of their product with these words: “ Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.”

Keep the description short and sound!

The description needs to be kept with up to only 55 characters or it will be cut off.

How to Build Authority with Backlinks?

You might have heard of backlinks in different forms but just to clear everything up backlinks are links that refer to your page.

Backlinks is another extremely important factor in building your SEO value. When you receive many backlinks Google will see what you posted on your site is important to the community around you so you start moving up the ranks.

Think of it as sharing someone’s Facebook post that brought some value to you! It’s exactly the same thing!

How to protect yourself from Black Hat SEO?

~ Do not buy artificial backlinks (If you do your site can be banned by Google Penguin). Just build your content the right way.

You made it thus far! Now you got the basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization! Fix your settings as soon as possible and start receiving fruitful results.

Hope to hear good outcomes from you all!

Thank you for reading my article! Feel free to leave a comment or learn much more about me below!!

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I’m 16 years old | Programmer |CEO of Documented Press| Content Marketer

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