Becoming the Real Parse Alternative by@sashidoio
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Becoming the Real Parse Alternative

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SashiDo - The Real Parse Alternative

I remember as it was yesterday: January 2016 when Parse announced their shutdown. I saw the confusion that mobile developers felt, they had to deal with servers, infrastructures, databases, backups, app scaling etc, all necessary things that they need, but take a lot of time, effort and knowledge to implement.

I was thinking … these guys create amazing apps with inspiring UX design, why bother them with troubleshooting production systems? Set their minds free, give them time, stable platform and tools to unleash their powers. My first company CloudStrap is a Cloud hosting platform and me and my team have years of experience with Cloud services and infrastructures, we burn for what we do, so we decided: we have to build incredible product for them!

It was months of hard planning, development, debugging, hundreds of sleepless nights and countless cups of coffee. It was difficult, but we wanted to provide the best option for the customers to receive again the real Parse experience.

It’s been 3 months since we launched, SashiDo is ready for production and we work with more and more enthusiasm to make SashiDo into


Now, if you are still wondering where to migrate before Parse shuts down or if you are looking for a real Parse feeling: join SashiDo for a free trial!

We’re the only service providing a fully automated migration from Parse: it takes few clicks. We also have Parse Files Migration tool so nothing will get lost from your app. If you already have moved your application from Parse hosted service: don’t worry, SashiDo engineers would love to help you migrate from any Parse Server provider, we already gathered a lot of experience :)


SashiDo’s Dashboard

SashiDo gives 14 days free trial to test the real Parse experience: you’ll find in our improved shiny fast Parse Dashboard the following features:

  • Advanced Cloud Code, integrated with GitHub. We give you a private GitHub repository with each app: you can add collaborators, branches, versioning, deploy your code with just a git push. You can read more on our “How to set up Cloud Code on SashiDo” tutorial.
  • Push Notification: you can choose a mobile platform, audiences, preview the push before sending. Reach your users fast and easy!
  • Background Jobs: give you the option to write long running tasks, include them in your Cloud Code and set up how often you want to run them. You can read more on our “Getting started with Background Jobs on SashiDo” tutorial.
  • Email integration & Social login: maintain e-mail, social verifications and logins without any integrations, the same way as on Parse.
  • WebHooks: You want to code on a language other than JavaScript and integrate frameworks and technologies not supported by the Cloud Code? It’s now possible with WebHooks :) You can read more on our “How to set up WebHooks on SashiDo” tutorial.
  • LiveQueries: want you app to go real-time? We included them in the Dashboard so it’s easier than ever! You can read more on our “SashiDo goes Realtime with Parse Server Live Queries” tutorial.
  • Web Hosting: we provide Static Website and Dynamic ExpressJS hosting. You don’t need anymore to host your app on one provider and the site on another: everything is on place!

SashiDo provides secure and automated scaling of your apps. Will always handle an unexpected traffic during your marketing campaigns or media coverage.

Multi-regions are also covered: choose which one is convenient for you.

SashiDo uses Parse Open Source stack which means no vendor lock-in, because we want to keep you as a happy customer, not as a hostage :). When a new version of the Parse Server is released: we test it for bugs then fix them if we find any, and when everything is running smoothly we update your app so you don’t have to deal with this :)

We believe that you don’t have to give up the convenience of using all the features you’re used to. That’s why we constantly provide our customers with more and more tools so they can have the freedom to create amazing apps with fun … without effort!

Focus on your app, we’d love to do the rest for you, because it’s our passion!

Try SashiDo and share the experience!

Marian Ignev (@mignev)CEO of SashiDo


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