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Becoming An Entrepreneur In 2021: Challenges And Strategy

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Ali Hasnain is a Senior Digital Marketer and he is a researcher, he loves to share about tech.

In the midst of difficult bosses and a scattered arena of jobs, many turn towards entrepreneurship. But, does success come that easy?

2020 was a year of challenges for many businesses and in the second month of 2021, things may not seem that bright. Granted that there is vaccination on the horizon and many strategies to work our way around the pandemic, yet, it does not make it any easier for professionals of any trade. This has triggered an array of reaction from professionals, who are turning towards entrepreneurship in large numbers.

While it may sound alluring, finding success on your own in the current situation of the worlds’ market poses a greater challenge than it has before. Despite the fact that the internet provides transparency and a plethora of information at your disposal, it does not guarantee the success of any sort.

Therefore, let us examine the challenges that an entrepreneur might face in 2021, including what they can do to overcome them.


Let us talk about challenges first, but, bear in mind that these provide a general understanding of the current market. So, take it with a grain of salt.

1.    Fierce Competition

One of the reasons that entrepreneurship does not work out for everyone in the competition.

While you might have unique ideas and an impeccable understanding of the niche or industry you are in, there is always someone hungrier and more eager than you are. Keep in mind that there is a reason why they say hard work beats talent every time.

Considering the number of entrepreneurs willing to go to any length to achieve their goals, you must be ready to face fierce competition.

2.    Entrepreneurship Is not that Uncommon

While the word “entrepreneur” dropped jaws around the turn of the century, it is not that uncommon nowadays.

Why is that?

You see, the job market is filled with a variety of reasons why people quit them entirely. From ignorant to over-demanding bosses to toxic work environments, many people just choose to be their own bosses. While you may think of luxury yachts and lavish vacations, entrepreneurship is more than just about extravagant lifestyle. Many choose to do it just because they wish not to be accountable to anyone, which is why it has not been that infrequent in the past few years.

3.    Lack of Unique Ideas

To understand this challenge, the best thing you can do is research your demographic, as well as your target market. If your “unique” idea exists in other shape or form in your market, then maybe your idea is not that rare.

Many a time, people hail something like “unique” idea and go for it and neglect to understand its implication. So, the lack of unique ideas is one of the biggest challenges you will face in this world.

4.    A Dire Market Situation

If you look at the state of many businesses that were thriving less than 12 months ago, they are now emaciated with desolation and lack of customers. In simple words, the situation of any market, except maybe cryptocurrency, does not seem that bright.

5.    Presenting Value and Production

Last but not the least, hoping to provide your target audience with the best prices on the products or services that you provide might be your top wish. However, granting that wish could be a bit of a problem. Not only will production costs come into play, but also presenting value to your customers.


Now that we understand the challenges to some extent, let us begin with the basics of a strategy.

1.    Pick Your Niche

Your entrepreneurship depends entirely on your ability to pick your niche correctly. If you wish to create a stable stream of gross revenue, you need to pick a niche that helps you does so.

In other words, do not think about looking cool or wanting to sell the best products. Just pick something that sells, and sells a lot as that is the key.

2.    Focus and Refine Your Idea

No matter how good your idea is, it will never be perfect. Not to sound cynical, but an idea always has space for improvement. Which is why, before you dive into your business, make sure your idea is polished and in the best shape that it can be.

3.    Understand Your Competition, Market and Audience

The three most important things that you need to understand are your competition, market and audience. The better you grasp how your competition does things, the easier it will be for you to understand the
originality and come up with creative ideas.

Moreover, you need to firmly understand the situation of your market. Lastly, your most important task is to understand your audience, including their behaviors and what they are looking for.

4.    Engage Content Marketing Tactics

Content marketing depends on one simple tactic and that is to educate your audience. Therefore, the better you understand your niche and your trade, the easier it will be for you to educate your audience about complex topics in your industry. The primary benefit of this would be established credibility, and add a certain aura of sincerity around your business.

5.    Use Blogs and Social Media

Blogs are your best friend if you have a knack for creating raw content. According to Wikipedia page writers, not only do blogs give you no formal guidelines, but they also provide you with an immense opportunity to build a brand’s voice. Therefore, if you wish to establish your authority, then using blogs and social media to create content can be highly beneficial for you.

6.    Sell Solutions, Not Products

Last but not the least, the more you are focused on presenting a solution, the easier it will be for you to sell your products. If you are too focused on sales and not providing a solution to your target audience, then bear in mind that this tactic will put a question mark on your sincerity towards your audience. Therefore, focus on selling a solution.


Entrepreneurship isn’t just about uniqueness or offering value. You can do all that and still come up short. It’s more about dealing with those shortcomings and tackling the challenges. It is also about persistence and sincerity to your craft. The better you understand that, the easier your journey will be.

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by Ali Hasnain @alihasnain. Ali Hasnain is a Senior Digital Marketer and he is a researcher, he loves to share about tech.Read my stories


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