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People I Admire: Ted Rheingold — Christopher Michel

This morning I awoke to the sad news that Ted Rheingold, Founder of Dogster​ and advocate for venture capital​ firms to fund purpose driven companies, passed away after a long fight with Stage-4 Metastatic cancer.

Ever since he had really fucking awful news Ted had been publicly documenting his battle with cancer. From his Medium post about his sister, Julia, that visited him at chemo or when he was feeling good to be alive to his very last post on July 22nd about etiquette and the cancer patient. Ted was never afraid to share his story in the hopes it would help someone else.

Although Ted and I never met, I was drawn to his attitude and the way he attacked life. On top of these qualities he was a very successful entrepreneur and investor which is honestly probably how I first found him on social media in the first place. People held him in high regard and still do. I didn’t just admire and respect his work, we even engaged every once and a while.

I’ve learned a lot from Ted — more than he’ll ever know. He lived with conviction and purpose. Even more so while battling cancer with his family by his side. I’ll do my best to pay it forward everyday. I’ll close this post with Ted’s actual email autoreply. He truly practiced what he preached. RIP, Ted!

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At the request of his wife, please consider a donation in the name of Ted Rheingold to the Northern Sierra Partnership.

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