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Banking without bankers: Blockchain unlocked the gates for Open Banking

Many in the global crypto community are very critical of traditional banks. And who can blame them — for long banks have enjoyed a dominant position in managing our personal funds and financial interactions. This has expanded to such an extent that it seems impossible to separate “banks” as institutions from “banking” as a service. However, this doesn’t need to be so and things are changing fast.

Love it or hate it — banking is an essential part of modern life. However, next-generation digital technologies are permeating throughout the financial sector and enabling us to perform banking beyond outdated banks. Regulatory changes such as the European Union PSD2 directive are also opening up new horizons for exploration, by helping to create a layer of innovative service providers on top of existing financial infrastructure. And in addition, businesses are increasingly becoming global, bringing in more and more options for customers worldwide.

Technology, regulation, globalization. All processes are pointing to one direction — decentralization of banking. But what does this mean and what changes it brings for ordinary people?

Lost & Found — the new era of personal finance management

Personal finance management seems to be becoming easier and harder at the same time. It’s easier since more and more financial services and tools are becoming accessible to ordinary consumers. However, it’s harder to navigate through all available options and possibilities there are out there. Have you ever tried to use several accounts in different banks in parallel? If you did, you definitely know what we are talking about.

The situation becomes exponentially more complex with the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the mix. When it comes to crypto assets, there are hundreds of them with thousands of accompanying services involved. How to find the service I am looking for? Which ones to choose? Are they reliable? Which ones will deliver me with the best price/quality performance? How to access all of this with my bank account?

Problems are here and there are no excuses to stand still. Current technologies — integrative APIs, real-time data analysis and AI infused recommendation systems — are already here to help ordinary people minimize the effort and maximize the gains. What is needed is to take the leap forward.

ORCA decentralized banking solution. Crypto integration included.

Here at ORCA we are building exactly what the ordinary person needs to manage his personal finances in the XXI century — we are merging decentralized traditional banking with the innovative zeal of crypto, all in one place.

With ORCA users will be able to integrate bank accounts and crypto wallets while picking and choosing out of a wide range of third-party services. And the best part is that all of this will be alleviated with the help of ORCA Smart AI — the personalized, real-time recommendations system offering users the best path of action in a particular situation.

ORCA whitelist is open at Official ORCA website. Join the growing army of killer whales.

Thanks to Mindaugas Kelpša.

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