Start Transacting This Memecoin Cryptocurrency Without The Headache [feat. BANANO]by@iazid
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1,325 reads

Start Transacting This Memecoin Cryptocurrency Without The Headache [feat. BANANO]

by iazidDecember 13th, 2019
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BANANO is a cryptocurrency that has feeless and near-instant transactions. Transactions actually happen in real time. The value of money will be taught in kindergartens, with BNANO as the first chapter. The BANanO community has been growing steadily ever since this particular Sunday of 2018. The $BAN has a monetary value that is more or less stable and follows market rules. You could actually trade them for any other currency on exchange sites. The real value is its community and the friends I made along the way.
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“Don’t Let Your Memes Be Dreams!”

Crypto what ? …currency… ? Oh yeah, I heard about that stuff, what is it again? Useless “virtual money” that is used to buy guns or drugs on the DarkNet?
Ok, so… cryptocurrencies are in fact…currencies… that you can actually buy stuff with. You can get anything as long as there is a buyer and a seller **future gang, future gang, future gang**
Mmh, that sounds complicated, I don’t really trust it. Also, I heard it takes ages just to make a transaction, let alone buy something. I don’t wanna get hacked and lose my funds.

I. BANANO, you say?!

The value of money will be taught in kindergartens, with BNANO as the first chapter. If you don't own BANANO by now, your little sister will probably lend you some!
-- Banoshi Nakanano

BANANO is a cryptocurrency that has feeless and near-instant transactions! Unlike other cryptocurrencies, BANANO transactions actually happen in real time! BANANO revolves around a simple idea: to make using cryptocurrencies effortless and to have fun doing it. Indeed, you can start NOW and get free BANANO. It’s as easy as ABC:

not_eska, totally new Discord user that just arrived™️

Simply announce yourself on BANANO’s Discord or Telegram server by saying: “Hi, I’m new!” and a Citizen will send you a one-time BANANO present as a welcome gift. This is your first step in the community, use your BANANO immediately by tipping the user that helped you. The rest of this article will teach you how to get even more BANANO! 👀

Wait a minute ! Is it that easy to get ahold of some cryptobucks? There must be something fishy going on. I smell a rat. What’s a BANANO really worth?
These days, 1000 BANANO are worth about 1 dollar. While its price can fluctuate, perhaps its real value is its community and the friends I made along the way.

First things first: grab a glass and drink water!

II. The BANANO Project History (with a big Hash)

The reddit CryptoCurrency Meme of the Year Award goes to …

It all started as a joke, when two developers said: “Let’s launch a fun and idiot-proof cryptocurrency based on memes” — a memecoin — (…a what now?) Memes… you know… these silly images from the interwebs featuring cats or Keanu Reeves.

The cryptocurrency community welcomed the idea with a certain enthusiasm:

What’s the purpose? There already is one! It won’t be worth anything!

With this encouraging feedback, the two BANANO fathers — ChocolateFudCake#1337 and renesq#4080 on Discord — announced BANANO’s birth on April 1st. The BANANO community has been growing steadily ever since this particular Sunday of 2018.

The genius idea of BANANO is to be able to get started with cryptocurrencies, without spending a penny, nor worrying about losing money or getting hacked. That being said, BANANO really does have a value. You could actually trade them for any other currency on exchange sites. The $BAN has a monetary value that is more or less stable and follows market rules.

Overall, BANANO is a project that does not take itself too seriously, but still maintains itself as a very solid project.

Slow down, slow down! I can’t follow you. Are you really telling me that I can obtain free money as a way to teach me how money works?
…Fair enough, where do I sign?

III. Stack Your Potassium!

Kalium : BANANO’s official Android wallet (open source)

Every currency needs a wallet. If you are reading this article on your smartphone, just install the Kalium app. If you are using a browser, create a new wallet on BananoVault.
 (No, really. Just do it now, 👀 because we might load it 🔜™️.)

…But, what is a cryptocurrency wallet?

Theoretically, a wallet consists of two main parts: 

  1. A seed: or private key, that must be kept secret!
  2. A public key: that you can share to receive funds.

The seed — a kind of bank password that might look like 42003133700ABCDEF00BADC0DE00AB01270019DEADBEEF005EED005EED031337  — must NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER — be shared or divulged to anyone since it defines the ownership of your funds. Your seed unlocks and gives access to your wallet.

Ok, let’s try something, if you are the first person to get to this paragraph, and if you already have some $BANin your wallet, then use Kalium’s “Load from Paper Wallet” and you will instantly get some BANANO by scanning this QR code:

The public keys are addresses that always start with: ban_ and is often represented using a QR code. They’re like bank account details that you can scan easily in order to send funds. Each BANANO public key also comes with its very own monKey:

Your monKey and your QR code card are displayed on Kalium wallet. Some monKey accessories are rarer than others.

This monkey will not feed itself! How do I fill my wallet with some bucks? 💵 🍌 Could I also get me some bacon with that?

IV. Open The BANANO Faucets! 🚰

💵 Microtipping:
On the BANANO Discord and Telegram, your activity, creativity, memes, emojis, drawings, costumes are rewarded with some $BAN.

🎮 A Gamification Approach:

To get even more $BAN at once, BANANO relies on faucet gamification. Faucets are websites that can give you a small amount of $BAN, for instance by playing a game.

Black Monkey is a typical example. It’s a simple game — but sometimes irritating — where you need to single out the one out of six monkeys that is different. The more you’ll play, the more you’ll earn $BAN. This faucet opens twice a month and distribute a few millions BANANO in 24 hours!


BANANO also helps the fight against cancer by monetizing cancer and disease research via the Folding@Home project. You help the project by letting it use your machine’s idle CPU and GPU cycles and BANANO pays you according to your computer power.

Help research 🔬 = get BANANO 🍌 Easy as 2+2=? Is it a nicer alternative mining Bitcoin without contributing to climate change? 
What else can I do with $BAN ?

V. What’s This Sh#tcoin Usecase?!

“Two things are infinite, BANANO creativity and human stupidity…” — Alberto Copernicus 1919BC

Here is a short list of real-life applications of BANANO, you could even try to come up with your own application in order to achieve your social success:

🍇 use monkeytalks to tag the DAG forever and ever.

👷 post a job offer on bananojobs

📝 own your piece of internet pixel history

💁 tip your favorite make-up influencer on twitter

🚸 start a college fund for your little one 

🎲 lose this very college fund money on online betting games 

🔜 ™️ accept Banano on your e-shop

🎒 teach kindergarten kids the value of money using $BAN as rewards.

Little Carter™️ learns the value of money, thanks to Banano stars.

🍰 help Venezuelan people via crowdfunding

“I Suffered a Stolen”

Understanding how to use cryptocoins also comes with understanding pros and cons. BANANO’s motto is to learn by doing, and you won’t be a cryptorookie unless you had a few mishaps with your wallet. Like this guy who lost his private keys in a tragic boating accident.

  1. 💀 you shared you key publicly (and lost all your funds)
  2. 💀 you forgot to save your seed (and lost all your funds)
  3. 💀 you let your funds on an exchange that got hacked (and lost all your funds)

    VII. What’s Under The Hood ?

Technically, BANANO is a total rip-off of NANO, a great project based on the DAG technology. This tech allows every user to be the master of his own blockchain. BANANO’s total supply is fixed and has been pre-mined, hence the need for a fair and controlled distribution. Since the transactions are near-instant, a little Proof of Work is required to create blocks and acts as network anti-spam. BANANO has a supply of about 3.1 billion coins, 300M of which have been burned on BANANO’s first anniversary 🔥👀.

BANANO Social Media Recap April 2019
April already, already since a few days! The BANANO main net has started 1 year ago and was celebrated with a massive…

Explaining BANANO’s inner workings in full technical details would require a full article. If this article gets one clap I will consider it my duty to write about it in a new article.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at BANANO’s most valuable asset: the community.

VI. Community and Philosophy

BANANO, is FIRST AND FOREMOST a very welcoming and helping community whose creativity has no equivalent in the industry…

The Banano Republic is an ecosystem of more than a thousand citizens where mutual aid abounds, ideas sway, developers sprout, and neophytes meow; where life is good, where people can learn easily and where people have a lot of fun. I said LOADS OF FUN:

Discord Events and Distribution:

Music Jams and Contests: regular karaokes, music trivia and contests, such as drawing or costume competitions are held by devoted and hard-working Citizens. Prize money in $BAN for winners, podiums and participants are rewarded too. This is an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and have fun together.
(Yeah it’s an excuse for having a party.)

Crypto-Puzzles: crypto-related riddles where you need to be the fastest to crack the code and find the hidden private key. These puzzles are an opportunity to learn about a particular feature of BANANO. A little monKey told me there might be some puzzles coming for Christmas (and maybe even in this article? 👀).

Wow, you read the whole thing?! Reply to this story with the QRCode of your public address and a question for a full-of-potassium surprise 🍌

VIII. Social Links 🐦

Follow these links to join and learn about the community:

Discord | Reddit | Telegram
Medium | Steemit | Publish0x
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

— Official Website: 
— Help Getting Started:
 — Yellow paper:
 — Discord:
 — Main Telegram:
 — French Telegram:
 — Medium: Banano, BANANO Italia

BANANO News | BANANO links | BANANO events

💻, 📷 and 💛 Credits: Muhammed Yekta Güngör, Deiv, Brandon Berhent, Appditto, Snappadoodle, joinity, Oops, SoggyApplePie

Disclaimer: The Author is associated with BANANO as a Community Member.