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aXpire Newsletter (September 2018): We have a number of developments to share with the community, including our recent filming of CNBC’s Advancements w/Ted Danson in aXpire’s New York offices. Not only that, but aXpire has been talking to and partnering with a number of industry leaders in the FinTech community, including Andrew Schneider, the CEO of the largest Family Office Network in the United States, representing $8 trillion of AUM.

aXpire has been all over the world spreading the benefits of blockchain and building investor, customer and partner relationships. The team has been to Beyond Blocks in Seoul, South Korea, Consensus in New York and the Cayman Islands, to assist with blockchain regulation.

Let’s dig into some of our recent developments…

Token Swap

This month, the AXP token was replaced by a new and improved AXPR token contract.

This was a one-for-one swap to ensure we are constantly delivering our best to our AXPR holders. We wanted to release this upgraded token ahead of MatchBX to ensure we had incorporated the latest in cybersecurity and functionality related to that application. This change will take place across all of our exchanges. Keep in mind the AXP token is now non-viable, and not in use.


aXpire was featured as a core altcoin in Medium’s Altcoin Magazine, in recognition of the company’s future growth prospects and existing success. We will work closely with the magazine to provide insight into our company, and why we will be the B2B token.

Partnership with Family Office Networks

Family Office Networks and aXpire announced a partnership that will provide blockchain financial solutions technologies and centralized IT services to family offices within the FON global network.

“We are impressed with aXpire’s latest blockchain-inspired FinTech innovations and are confident this new partnership will drive more value to our families as well as banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and others,” said Family Office Networks CEO Andrew Schneider.

“This is an exciting time to be working closely with Family Office Networks’ fast-growing team to offer value-added blockchain technology and centralized FinTech solutions. Essentially, we deliver greater productivity from IT spending. We aim to put more dollars back into the hands of family office investors by identifying the best blockchain technologies,” said aXpire CEO Gary R Markham.


The MatchBX waiting list is live at Sign up on now, and get access to tiered free AXP rewards, as well as entry into MatchBX’s MVP, coming in September!

Building Global Connections

With great help from Darin Milman, aXpire’s new Business Development Lead and evangelist, aXpire has been attending a number of industry conferences to build relationships. Take the Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum in Newport, for example, where aXpire was able to generate relationships leading to our Family Office Network partnership.

Nearer the equator, CEO Gary Markham has been working with the Cayman Islands government to discuss policy and encourage FinTech enterprise adoption of aXpire’s offerings.

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