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aXpire Newsletter (November 2018)

aXpire Newsletter (November 2018)

Welcome to the third issue of aXpire’s monthly newsletter!

A full month for the aXpire community, with lots of news to share.

We are excited to grow our team and advisors, with more updates to come, through our acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse (BCW), but there’s much, much more to discuss!

Let’s get right to the recent developments…

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Yesterday, on October 31st, aXpire announced the acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse (BCW), a blockchain accelerator and leading token sale product developer. aXpire has made the acquisition to bolster the strength of its in-house blockchain talent and add a new product offering to its technology suite. Through the purchase, aXpire will get access to BCW’s talent and crypto gateway, allowing direct purchase of AXPR through our web applications, reducing the barriers to entry for new customers.

With the acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse, we’re excited to be welcoming aboard BCW’s partners to aXpire! This includes: DACC,, Cumberland, Lewis Brisbois, Frontlines, Megalodon, and Factblock. We’ll have more for the community in coming days vis-à-vis all of the connections aXpire will receive through this deal.

Moreover, as a general theme, we are looking to be greedy while the broader market is fearful, and we have absolute faith that, behind the scenes, the blockchain industry is in full swing.

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In institutional / family office news, aXpire was excited to announce the addition of Family Office Club to its Preferred Partner Network. For 11 years running, the Family Office Club has had 1,500 registered family offices as members, investing $45 billion a year. Joining the club gives us access to all their members and events.

For our family office and institutional partners more broadly, aXpire is producing an institutional-specific newsletter that we hope you’ll enjoy, starting its life within the Family Office Network’s native newsletter.

Here’s the first draft, featuring Erik Vorhees (Shape Shift), Richard Heart (Serial Entrepreneur) and Lou Kerner (CryptoOracle):

If you’d like to submit a piece of writing for consideration in this newsletter, which we’ll credit you, send your article to, with subject line: aXpire Family Office Newsletter.

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Keep your eyes peeled for aXpire’s appearance on CNBC on November 11, 2018 at 2:30pm EST. This feautre is part of Ted Danson’s Advancement’s TV series, which aXpire auditioned for, and beat out five other blockchain companies. Check out the latest episode of AdvancementsTV, featuring blockchain, here:

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Since launch, MatchBX has seen ~300,000 AXPR change hands in exchange for online services. We are proud of the community and encourage those in the group to share it and start using it to encourage the use of AXPR and the associated 6% fee burn. We created MatchBX to ensure anything outside of Resolvr saw the use of AXPR, and so far so good.

We are looking to introduce new features to this product, leading to an eventual hard launch with a solid foundation. More news to come!

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We had ~4,000 participants complete the intense aXpire quiz. Only a plucky 1% made it unscathed through the challenge, and we will be announcing winners shortly. We also have a fair few suggestions to sort through, and will provide credit to any ideas that prove valuable.

AXPR was one of only two winners selected for listing on the new Hoard exchange, which will launch this quarter.

AXPR and the aXpire team were selected (beating out some notable projects, including: Tron, Ripple and Verge) for “solid alignment with the Hoard vision and initial focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

We couldn’t be prouder of the community’s efforts, and will notify the group once we are officially trading.

aXpire launched its first official merchandise store! We wanted a way to directly offer goods to those looking to rock aXpire offline as well as online. As testers of each and every item in the store, we are proud to say all items do exactly as described “on the tin” and prove good value for money.

Stay tuned in November for our next monthly newsletter!

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