Aves Lair Announces Three Startups Comprising Inaugural Accelerator Cohort  by@aveslair

Aves Lair Announces Three Startups Comprising Inaugural Accelerator Cohort

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Aves Lair

An NYC-based accelerator that supports startups in the verticals of AI, blockchain, cloud, and data

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New York, NY, (December 14, 2020) – Aves Lair, a New York-based venture capital and frontier technology accelerator, announced today the debut of three innovative startups in its Winter 2020 cohort.

The program, which is being organized virtually from New York City, launched in December 2020 and will continue through 2021.

Aves Lair envisions the accelerator program empowering tech startups to overcome the usual pain points by leveraging its robust ecosystem and resources “to help each cohort company secure an experienced engineering team to build or audit their product in a very short time.

“This is one of Aves Lair's expertise, where we can most contribute,”

said Dr. Chong Li, venture partner at Aves Lair who for the past several years has been teaching AI and blockchain technology at Columbia University.

“We leveraged our adept team of researchers and in-house tech knowledge to help us secure preeminent startups in their respective industries,” said Marian Tong, venture partner at Aves Lair.

Aves Lair selected the three startups that comprise its inaugural cohort from over five thousand applicants, three hundred of which the accelerator interviewed. Guided by its VC and academic pedigree, Aves Lair opts for groundbreaking projects led by founding teams with deep technical backgrounds. 

To ensure that the unique requirements of the individual members of its cohort are met in a targeted fashion, Aves Lair designed a bespoke program for each cohort company. 

Aves Lair consulted the founders of each startup in its cohort “to assess what kind of program would be a better fit for them,”  Marian Tong added. The result is that no two startups’ journeys as part of Aves Lair’s accelerator program are the same.

Tong saw just how much accelerators can help founders get their startups off the ground, and explained that Aves Lair “only focuses on a handful of opportunities each year,” enabling the accelerator “to be a more valuable resource” for founders. 

Aves Lair will bring to bear the entire range of resources at its disposal--including the accelerator’s in-house technical capabilities, a global network of experts and mentors in the AI, blockchain, cloud, and data analytics verticals (known as A.B.C.D.)--to boost growth and innovation for each startup in the cohort.

Aves Lair selected the following three startups rooted in highly competitive industries to make up the Winter 2020 cohort of its accelerator program:


Blocksport is a developer of a social sports platform designed to reach, activate, engage, and monetize the sports community.


Digital Lending Capital Corp (DLCC) is a full-service Prime Brokerage software solution in the rapidly expanding digital assets market.


Substrata is the developer of a language processing software platform designed to analyze subtext.

More information about the Aves Lair Accelerator program is available at https://aveslair.com/. Follow Aves Lair on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Hackernoon. Nestled in the SoHo district of Manhattan, the Aves Lair Accelerator program is a carefully crafted collaboration between Lair East and Nakamoto &Turing Labs (N&T Labs).

Together, the two companies strategically fused their unique and complementary qualities to create a potent, resource-filled environment that will empower startups and tech founders to organically scale their businesses by applying cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of A.I. and blockchain technology.

For more information, contact Milo Wang, [email protected]

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Aves Lair HackerNoon profile picture
by Aves Lair @aveslair.An NYC-based accelerator that supports startups in the verticals of AI, blockchain, cloud, and data
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