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Automate Your Cybersecurity Efforts to Speed Up Response Time

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Defending your organization's data manually against automated cyberattacks is like holding the ability to control a wild elephant. Although we have made some substantial progress in technology, the threat due to cyberattacks still lurks around the corner. Now, cyberattacks had taken over a new form - automation.

Automation can significantly reduce the volume of threats and help to prevent unexpected threats. Besides, many organizations can save a lot of money spent on manpower or time when their cybersecurity is automated. If automation coupled with the right tools is used to strengthen cybersecurity, it can provide impenetrable protection of organizations from some serious cyber attacks.

Below are some strategies organizations can adopt to strengthen their cybersecurity.

Tracking down existing threats in the network

The timer starts ticking away when a threat makes an entry into the network. After a while, it ends up as a breach if it is neglected. Your organization needs to act faster than the cyber attack and stop it much before it exits the network.

Data must be analyzed in order to track down suspicious behaviours or infected hosts. A combination of behaviours that proves the presence of a host in the network can be a proactive step to ensure strong cybersecurity. It becomes impossible to track unknown threats through manual intervention.

Figuring out patterns of security threats

Cyber attackers throw threats at lightning speed with the help of automation. In order to counteract these swiftly moving threats, it is crucial for an organisation to include automation in its cybersecurity.

Security platforms coupled with automation can analyze massive data, track the attack pattern, and show unknown/known threats. Further, it also shows a set of actions to be taken and ensures the safety of critical data.

Protection and prevention from cyber attacks

Cybersecurity is not confined to only protection as it also involves the prevention of similar attacks in near future. After ensuring protection at the location where an attack is identified, proactive steps must be taken to provide protection from future attacks by analysing threat behaviours.

No matter how fast or well manipulated a cyberattack is sent into the network, only automation can help to stop it by surpassing its speed. Equipped with attack-sequencing and automated distribution of protections, organisations can accurately predict the next step of shady attack and successfully prevent them too.

Massive data collection to detect group of threats

Although several security vendors gather huge amounts of threat data, it serves no purpose if it is not organised into actions.

Threat data can be collected from security technologies, attack vendors or any global threat intelligence. Later, that data needs to be categorized into groups of threats with similar behaviour so that the next step of cyber attacker can be predicted.

While adopting this strategy, massive data ensures accurate prediction of threats. Thanks to Automation and Machine Learning, it is possible through data sequencing. If the data is coupled with dynamic threats, it can provide an inaccessible shield to any sensitive data of an organisation.

Surpassing the spread of cyber-attacks through automation

After a threat is detected, protection needs to be provided at each endpoint or network. It is wise to give more protection at the location where the attacker is most likely to plan the next attack than the location where the attack was discovered.

Automation is capable of taking the pressure and responsibility from the human team by keeping up with the speed of attack.

At the end of day, it is all about the speed and efficiency to curb cyber-attacks and ensure cybersecurity for an organisation. Automation can stand as a mighty knight for the fortress of your organisation!


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