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Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world with the integration of digital information. AR overlays information in video, text, or image format onto everyday surroundings, objects, and locations from the real world. Vossle recently launched a feature to embed AR content into your landing page to make it more intuitive for Markerless users. AR content can increase your chances of appearing higher in search results (like images, videos, infographics, etc. etc.* AR content can be easily embedded into the user’s landing page.

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How AR is Changing the Face of SEO

In this day of the digital world, we frequently feel the need to alter the ways in which we use the internet, be it for personal use or for business purposes.

The internet is evolving and with the ever-growing competition among companies to be on the top, adopting new technologies is the need of the hour. With one such technology being Augmented Reality.

Playing games like Pokémon Go or using fun face filters on Instagram typically come to mind when we think of Augmented Reality(AR). But AR today offers much more than just entertainment.

With growing users, AR has been embraced by several industries to strengthen themselves as it has shown to be a great technology for marketing and improving the customer experience.

More than 1.7 Billion People will use Mobile AR globally by 2024. Source: Statista

Let us first understand what exactly an Augmented Reality is and why we should include it in our digital marketing strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A Quick Overview of AR

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world with the integration of digital information. AR overlays information in video, text, or image format onto everyday surroundings, objects, and locations from the real world.

This age of technology is changing the conventional concepts in every aspect like shopping, designing, and manufacturing. Many businesses are indulging in Augmented Reality Solutions to elevate their business and most importantly engage more consumers.

AR’s Impact on SEO

AR cultivates a WOW factor. Users are attracted to companies that take the opportunity to integrate AR into their content marketing plan due to the uniqueness and buzz around this AR trend.

Soon, AR will be a fundamental component of the entire digital experience. It has a significant impact on how companies can market their goods and services. We can combine SEO with  Augmented Reality to improve user experience and engage audiences.

Businesses that integrate AR with SEO can gain actionable data and a thorough understanding of client behavior, allowing them to develop more effective and engaging search engine marketing campaigns.

Dominate your industry and SERP with AR. AR content can increase your chances of appearing higher in search results (like images, videos, infographics, etc.).

Companies that wish to dominate their sector and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can also benefit from AR. It presents a new search and information-ready ecosystem to organic search professionals. This is why AR triggers brand awareness, something many businesses fight for and with.

***This is what Vossle WebAR offers to the world of SEO. ***Mentions, Reviews, Links, Ratings; All in a NEW form!

Inline AR Feature for SEO

AR will change the way you design your website. It opens up the possibility of giving users a truly immersive and engaging experience. Such experiences could have a mix of physical as well as virtual elements, and they have varied applications.

The best working example of this is Inline AR Feature which was recently launched by Vossle, an AR Platform, to embed Markerless AR experience into your Landing Page to make it more intuitive for users. The idea behind is as simple (yet innovative) as it can get.

Users are able to instantly interact with any product/experience in real time when they visit your website with the Inline Feature (as shown in the video above). You can integrate WebAR experience for any online content be it on phone or on web without the need of downloading any app.

What is markerless AR?

The technology behind Markerless AR makes our immediate surroundings come alive, based on where we look.

Prospects can use Markerless AR to immediately view a 3D representation of the product in the actual setting. This solves the common struggle to visualize an online product in its actual environment when viewed on the website.

Companies can use the Markerless AR tool available on AR Platforms to provide their customers with the luxury of viewing an online product in real life before purchasing it, hence increasing their SEO ranking which ultimately leads to encouraging quick decisions and increasing product sales.

How can AR Benefits your SEO Efforts

  • Increased Website Engagement, Leads and Sales

Let’s first establish this- Google ranking increases with more user engagement.

We all know that Google values and ranks content that has a purpose for its users. Since Google began to express interest in this technology, AR is now becoming one of the fundamental components of the Google search interface.

An essential aspect of improving leads and sales will be to create the most effective user experience- something easily achievable with WebAR. When anyone sees something as unique and immersive as an AR Feature on any website, they tend to engage more on the page by seeing and experiencing it themselves.

This directly affects your SEO ranking since users will spend more time on the website, interacting with the AR Features. Creating the best user experience, which is simple to do with WebAR, will be a key component of increasing leads and sales.

  • Visual Search

Major search engines like Google do in fact enable using AR for visual search. Google is including voice and picture search options as part of their effort to improve user experience.

Overall, its goal is to keep up its position as the most popular search engine on the planet. Naturally, integrating Augmented Reality into your organization’s visual search will only encourage Google to raise your ranking.

And what better and easier way to do so than embedding WebAR to your landing page for visual searches to give your customers an elevated experience!

  • A Sense of Curiosity

Imagine giving your users the luxury to just allow their webcam to be enabled on your webpage and watch a product come to life (in reference to Inline feature). Cool, right?!**

How Can This Affect Your Website’s SEO?

The bounce rate and session rate of your website will both decrease as a result of this immersive and distinctive experience, which is one of the crucial factors in boosting traffic and ranking for a web page.

  • Speed

For an SEO page, it is crucial to keep as few lines of HTML codes as possible because no one likes to wait for a page while it loads. Now, one might think that adding AR features will increase a page’s load.

Interestingly, many AR Platforms are designed to make implementing AR as simple as possible, meaning  only a few lines of HTML coding are needed to create your AR Experience. Therefore, the basic iframe makes your AR integrated SEO page load faster while also providing users with a distinctive experience without waiting extra time for it to load.

  • Social Media

Despite the fact that Google does not use social media as a ranking element, if your company is effective in engaging its social audience, the SERPs will improve, hence affecting your SEO positively.

AR enables a brand’s social media to offer immersive and engaging experiences that can increase engagement and conversion rates. Therefore, the influence of AR on your SEO approach is probably going to grow. In order to ensure that your SEO campaign is successful, AR should be a part of your social media plan.

To Have a Successful Brand Image

The most recent trends should be familiar to you and should be current.

One such rising trend for you is Augmented Reality. The future of AR seems promising given the potential of this technology. Numerous businesses from a broad range of industries like healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and real estate have decided to integrate it into their business operations.

So, think AR if you want to take your SEO approach to the next level and become one of the first to move into this unique and new area!

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