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Ask me all your stupid questions

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@jprocoJoe Procopio

In my last post, I gave away 1,569 copies of my book, Everything You Should Know About Startup, over the course of 48 hours. That book answers all the basic stupid questions about startup so that you don’t have to ask them.

Now, I want to make the experience a little more interactive. So ask me all your own personal stupid questions. Also your not-stupid questions.

Yeah. This is gonna sound like I’m trying to help you with your startup. In reality it lies somewhere close to that but even closer to you guys helping me out with some creative direction.

There are two ways to do this. One, just hit me up on Twitter @jproco. Two, send me an anonymous (or not) message through the contact page on my website at

OK. Go.

Oh. Why should you ask me anything?

I mentor a lot. And I’ve found that the best and most helpful mentoring sessions start with innocent, sometimes accidental questions. Questions are the root of all progress. In fact, when people reach out to me randomly or through a third party and want to meet or call to “pick my brain,” I default to having them send me one or more direct questions first. This always guides the conversation to a much better and more helpful place.

And honestly, if they can’t come up with any questions, that’s a good sign I can’t help them. If they come up with crappy questions, I answer them over email and everybody wins. No question is wrong.

I’m totally sold on the cross-section between startup strategy and strategy in other areas of life, namely, lessons from the big three that I’ve pulled the most benefit from: Parenting, sports, and poker. There are others. Lots. Those are just my personal big three.

This cross-section makes for some really entertaining content that winds up helping more than just the person who asked the original question.

So ask me about what I’ve done. Ask me about what you’re doing. Ask me about ideas, decisions, where you’re stuck, anything related to you as an entrepreneur.

But also ask me about other things, things you might not think are related to startup. Ask me about parenting, sports, poker, or whatever it is that you do. Ask me about the general things related to your independence, your growth, your achievement, your success, and your happiness, as an entrepreneur or otherwise.

If I can rock a post out of it, I will. And unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll keep you anonymous and I’ll keep my response general. Again, you can hit me up on Twitter @jproco or the contact form on my website here.


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