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ArchitectNow Builds an AngularJS Vendor Search Engine w/ APIs

ArchitectNow is a custom software development firm based out of St. Louis, MO. They specialize in helping customers design, build, and launch rich web and mobile applications across a variety of industries. In a recent interview with Cosmic JS, ArchitectNow principal Kevin Grossnicklaus explains the direction he’s leading his firm:

“At ArchitectNow our tech stack and areas of focus have changed dramatically over the course of the last 10 years. The industry drives a lot of that and the capabilities of our team drives some of it. Right now, we are heavily into Angular, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core/C#, Xamarin, MongoDB, all things Azure. The great thing about a smaller development shop like ours is that we get the opportunity to work with a ton of languages and platforms.
We also get to utilize 3rd party components and APIs (such as Cosmic JS) in a number of scenarios. This gives us the ability to pick and choose the best platform and tools for a given project. We’ve hit a lot of homeruns in our choice of technologies and 3rd party tools but we’ve also used some we wouldn’t recommend. A key benefit we bring to our customers is the knowledge of what we’ve found that “works” and what doesn’t.”

Recently ArchitectNow partnered with VendorSurf to implement a powerful mortgage industry vendor search engine. As with many of ArchitectNow’s custom applications, the project team quickly identified the need for the customer to manage specific types of content for use in the application. Rather than custom build a pseudo-content management system (as they have done many times in the past) they quickly leveraged Cosmic JS to provide VendorSurf with the ability to self-manage their own dynamic content.

The ArchitectNow development team was able to quickly integrate the Cosmic JS functionality into their own rich Angular application thanks to the easy-to-use Cosmic JS JavaScript library. They also tightly integrated the VendorSurf server-side API and back-office infrastructure (written in .NET and hosted within Microsoft’s Azure environment) with Cosmic JS via the Cosmic JS REST API’s. By being able to integrate both directly from the browser (via JavaScript) as well as from the server (via REST) the ArchitectNow team was able to provide VendorSurf with a streamline workflow for managing custom content.

“ArchitectNow is already planning on how to leverage Cosmic JS to help future customers streamline the management of their custom content while still leveraging the benefits of a fully custom-built software application.”

Follow Vendor Surf as they add Vendors to their first ever B2B Mortgage Vendor Search Engine:

See more Cosmic JS Customers collaborating around a programming language-agnostic API to manage their content 🚀

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