Apps To Tune-Up Your Routine (Pakistan Edition) by@amalacademy

Apps To Tune-Up Your Routine (Pakistan Edition)

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While you will find hundreds of quality articles about top-notch apps focused to help you with your day, we went through the effort and made those lists even shorter and are sharing the apps which will definitely make your day better.

Our team members have vouched for the effectiveness of these apps so you are highly encouraged to give them a try for yourself and then share along with your colleagues/friends to keep the chain going :)

1 — WordWeb (Dictionary)

If you often need to look up the meaning of a word on your phone or laptop and are struggling to find a good dictionary app, just download WordWeb without a second thought.

This app comes in a very compact size, offers pronunciations in an easily understandable way, and the best feature individual to WordWeb is the ability to look up the meaning of a word without leaving the present app. Just select the word in the text field and choose WordWeb from the context menu.

2 — Google Keep

Some people prefer to keep paper journals and some just avoid taking notes altogether because of the hassle of carrying them around. With this app, you have to use it to believe how easy it makes your life.

The best feature about this app would be its availability on: Android, iPhone, Chrome App Store, and the website ( which can be accessed anywhere.

Once you note something down (checkboxes, colors, reminders), you don’t need to remember which device you noted it down on and can open it even on a web browser to access your to-do lists or reminders.

3 — Inbox for Gmail

If you use Gmail for your personal or work account, think no more and just download this app right away. It is a product made by Google themselves to make your email experience as easy as it can get.

With next generation features like predicted responses, easy attachment views, snoozing emails, and automatic bundling, once you start using Inbox you won’t be able to go back to your regular Gmail website/app.

4 — Snapseed

While it would be highly debatable to finalise the pick for the best photo editing app on the market, we still want to share our recommendation of a fully featured but super easy to learn app: Snapseed.

After being launched on iPhone intitially, it was acquired by Google seeing its popularity and now holds its own crown in the app market.

The standout part of this app is the feature set, this app will give you every option that you will find in other photo editing apps so you don’t need to have several apps for specific features you need in them. Just give it a try and see if it can replace a bunch of apps on your homescreen as well :)

5 — Mobile Banking Apps

With the consistent improvement in the banking system due to advancements made in technology, one of the best outcomes have been the banking apps being offered by nearly all banks in Pakistan.

Starting from fingerprint identification, to paying your bills, transferring money, or going through all functions of your bank account, everything is “literally” a few taps away now.

The reason for including these apps here is the fact that most people still don’t use them despite being offered by their banks and some even haven’t turned on internet banking features altogether. So if you are one of them, just go ahead and add some comfort to the way your bank.
While you try out some of these recommended apps, feel free to leave a thumbs up if you agree with our suggestions and add your own picks in the comments below (which can be included in the next post with a shout out to the users)

Written by: Awais Farooq Roy