Hackernoon logoApple is Rotting and Google’s Got BIG Problems [PRESENTATION] by@mattward

Apple is Rotting and Google’s Got BIG Problems [PRESENTATION]

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Apple and Google are two of the strongest, most profitable tech giants today. But both are in for a kick in the ass, here is why.

Will both companies survive the next 15 years? Will either? Who?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the future for Google and Apple. Who are your favorites from the Big 4 in terms of long run bets?

I got my money on Amazon. Here is why…

What about Facebook? Any takers?

The networks effects of today are more powerful than ever, some would even argue unbreakable.

Is this time different? Is Apple’s greed going to be its downfall? Can voice disrupt Google’s big business?

Let’s hear your bold predictions below.

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