AppCow’s been Upgraded! Introducing: UpChannel by@UpChannel

AppCow’s been Upgraded! Introducing: UpChannel

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Making the name switch from AppCow to UpChannel.

Before you get too worried, don’t panic: AppCow the app is as successful as ever and still giving out great deals to users. Why the name change then? Because AppCow’s much more than an app and we needed a name to match the impressive services we offer to clients.


Here’s an official description of what we’re all about:

“UpChannel builds custom applications that are pre-installed or introduced on the end user’s smartphone, enabling our clients to directly engage their customers through a mobile first approach. Our clients do this through a simple and intuitive portal that makes data actionable with a click of a button. We strive to provide intelligent software that takes the guesswork out of mobile strategy by automating as much as possible and providing data-driven recommendations that make decision-making easy.”

So what does that mean? Well, we’re a technology company that provides solutions to clients through smartphone apps that collect data. From there that data can be used to problem solve. Clients don’t have to guess where their problems are coming from, and instead get data that makes it easier to pinpoint issues and find solutions. AppCow is just one of the many apps that we make, and so the name UpChannel conveys the bigger picture of our company.

As C0-founder Jacob Katsof said,

“We’re more than just an app. We’re UpChannel.”

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