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Antonio Lucio's Masterclass: Precious Advice Of a Marketing Legend On Emotional Wellbeing

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Antonio Lucio during Brandweek Masterclass (photo credit: Adweek)

Ever wonder what it would be to end on a high? How about offering a Masterclass on your last day as global chief marketing officer for Facebook?! Yeah talk about mic drop.

That's exactly how icon Antonio Lucio spent his last day on the job following an illustrious career spanning 4 decades. During Adweek's Brandweek, Mr. Lucio delivered a passionate 30-minute Masterclass for today's professionals.

that is exactly what we do...we build business, brands and teams that stand the tests of time. There is nothing more important and noble than that, especially during these turbulent times.

Following his announcement last month in which he elaborated on his decision to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the marketing industry, Mr. Lucio dedicated his last moments as CMO to pass on the torch.

Last week, during Brandweek, Lucio rallied today's marketing professionals to always lead with a empathy and to always be aware of the difficult work/life balance. When the leaders of the industry, Mr. Lucio explained, ignore or neglect their own emotional wellbeing, both professionally and personally, the entire ecosystem will suffer.

It's rare that such an industry legend selflessly devotes their final professional moments to share their vision and experiences. In Antonio's case, it is only befitting. His career always focused on teaching, leading, and the business of people. As he said in his 30-minute Masterclass

the business of business is the business of people. You exist to solve problems, and people's proble's are heavy on the heart.

During his session, Mr. Lucio divided his time into two sections: technical leadership lessons and personal leadership lessons.

This Masterclass is filled with many inspiring calls to action for anyone working in the business world. I've been repeating this interview several times already, every time new ideas and considerations emerge. It's just that good. In 30 minutes, Antonio is able to navigate through 40 years of marketing leadership and offers powerful insights and lessons that come with experience. His introduction to the masterclass "leadership is hard" sets the tone for the entire session. He leaves a legacy of mindfulness and awareness that is, as he implores marketers, the foundation for successful leadership.

Listen to the entire interview here


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