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Announcing Tip, Q&A on the Blockchain

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Today, we’re excited to announce Tip, a question & answer platform built for the blockchain. With Tip, we’re building a community that rewards users for asking interesting questions and providing expert opinions.

Much like Stack Overflow or Quora, users on Tip vote for the best questions and answers across categories of all kinds, ranging from history to computer science. With Tip, however, you’ll not only build your reputation as an expert, you’ll also automatically earn a new blockchain token at the same time. Now you can turn your love for French cheese into cold, hard cash.

This is awesome! Why are you building this?

We’re building Tip because we believe in the power of cryptocurrencies to usher in a new era of technology that empowers users. While companies like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, and Yelp have made billions for their shareholders, their users have generated amazing content for free. Today, we have the opportunity to re-imagine these services as self-sustaining, financially incentivized ecosystems that reward content creators more fairly.

Steemit and others helped validate this model for rewarding users, and now it’s time to extend this model to other types of content and build a more inclusive community of all people from all over the world.

Jacob, Nihar, and I started building Tip as a part of the Product Hunt Hackathon — a remote hackathon competition taking place over the month of November. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to our updates directly on our Product Hunt Landing Page.

How does it work?


Since Tip is built on the blockchain, we can programmatically reward users for activity on the platform. If you answer a question and get the most upvotes, you’ll get the highest reward for that question. If you ask a question, and it gets several upvotes, you’ll be rewarded for asking an important question.

We’d love your input and feedback as we grow the platform (please tweet at us at @tip_token)!

How can I contribute?

We’re collecting an initial set of experts for beta users on our platform. Selected expert users will receive free tokens to be an active part of the platform! If you’re interested, let us know here:

When can I join?

We will be launching our product at the end of the month! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Product Hunt for updates.

Will there be an ICO or token sale?

We do not intend to hold a token sale for Tip. Instead, users can earn tokens simply by participating on the platform and inviting their friends to join. Tokens will be accrued through our beta period and then distributed upon official launch in early 2018.

Now, imagine a world where together, we can share and combine human knowledge to expand the limits of our understanding.

Please subscribe to our hack on Product Hunt for updates on launch timing!


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