Announcing More RootProject Advisers

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@nickadamsjudgeNicholas Adams Judge

The author, Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge, is a political economist and cofounder of the nonprofit RootProject. The other cofounder, Chris Place, is a Y Combinator Fellow. Their pre-ICO achieved 512% of its initial goal.

As I wrote in last week’s announcement, it is important that token purchasers know who is structuring an ICO. To the outside, companies always trumpet how people just ‘came on board’ and everything grew organically because the idea was so great. The reality is 90% of ICOs fail and even fewer achieve the right post-ICO price action.

The post-ICO “pop” token purchasers dream about usually doesn’t come from luck: It comes from months of planning by a knowledgeable team that executes on hard choices — choices that optimize over market cap in the future, not over how much money can be grabbed right away.

In the lead up to announcing our ICO dates from Davos during the World Economic Forum, it’s been a lot of fun to start publishing information we’d been keeping quiet for months: A while ago, we huddled with Strategies 360 about how to break through the noise of a hundred ICOs a month. We decided to stay quiet, build our organization after the success of our pre-ICO, and then, after the New Year, start releasing news that would matter to savvy token-purchasers multiple times a week.

Today we’re proud to announce two more great advisers. Like the last three, they have been important to RootProject. They are personal friends of mine and are thought-leaders among a global group of crypto investors. To learn more about RootProject, come join us and thousands of others at our telegram group.

Cristopher Heymann is a blockchain engineer and partner at the crypto angel fund 1kx — so named after the returns they enjoyed after participation in ether’s presale.

He is motivated by building a decentralized economy and a new internet where corporate heirarchy plays second fiddle to citizen interest and engangement.

Cristopher has advised blockchain firms both on their technical build and on ICO execution.

Alex Yamashita is a founding partner at TLDR, the ICO investment and advisory firm.

He has advised numerous ICOs. Before life in crypto, he was a successful entrepeneur and worked in finance, working at among other firms, Goldman Sachs. Before that he studied economics at Yale University.



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