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Announcing: The Blockchain Career Fair

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@stevenchen009Steven Chen

Blockchain needs talent, not money.

On December 13th, when the total market cap of cryptocurrencies exceeded $500 billion, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, tweeted:

2017 was a huge year for the blockchain industry in terms of mainstream interest for cryptocurrencies, which resulted in significant capital flow into virtually all tokens that appreciated in value through the wild speculation. We incredulously witnessed the insatiable demand for ICOs, some of which became so overwhelmingly popular that teams were able to raise dozens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars with little more than a flashy website and a peerless-unreviewed white paper. While many investors played along with the masses, regardless of the whether they believed such speculative behavior was beneficial to cryptocurrencies, some others did vehemently profess that such craze was a positive indicator for the industry. And thus, a half-trillion dollar industry arose uninhibited.

Buterin astutely asked “have we earned it?” In response, we at CryptoParency say that we strongly believe in the potential of distributed ledger technology; however, we agree with Buterin that the industry has not yet produced nor unlocked an amount of value worthy of a multi-hundred billion dollar valuation. How much does our industry really have to show for? Despite all the mainstream coverage about cryptocurrencies’ ability to improve financial technologies, when we analyze, for example, universal access to capital and credit,“how many unbanked people are [actually] banked” due to blockchain-based innovations?

So where does the blockchain industry go next? Pouring money into the space was the first step, but it alone cannot lead to innovation. We believe the answer is simple: increasing the talent working in the space. According to a story on TechCrunch, “there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.”

What can we do about it?

We are proud to announce the 2018 Blockchain Career Fair, which our firm will host along with Blockchain at Berkeley and Dekrypt Capital at UC Berkeley on April 18th. Our mission here is to connect the quality projects in our network, who are looking for technical developers, business talent, and others to students and existing talent in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world.

Please join us at


Can I participate remotely?

In the spirit of blockchain’s decentralized nature, we intend to enable our vendors and sponsoring companies to live stream their presentations to you. Join us for live Q&As as well as our open resume drop.

Resume Drop:

How much do tickets cost?

The event is completely free! However, we ask that you please drop your resume!


My company is interested in participating. How can we get in touch?

To any company who is interested, please feel free to contact us at

If you wished to attend this event but cannot, please stay tuned for future events that CryptoParency plans to host to support the blockchain developer ecosystem! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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