Announcing CryptoTuesdays For Social Good & Six New CryptoMondays by@loukerner
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Announcing CryptoTuesdays For Social Good & Six New CryptoMondays

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featured image - Announcing CryptoTuesdays For Social Good & Six New CryptoMondays
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We are excited to announce the start of CryptoTuesdays for Social Good on March 5th in New York City. CryptoTuesdays is a monthly Meetup focused on all the amazing positive social impact that Crypto technology (i.e. blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts …) is going to enable. Each Meetup will feature a speaker or panel addressing a particular area of Crypto for Social Good. The format is 30 minutes of speaking / Q&A, followed by plenty of time for networking with others who are passionate about Social Good. Our first event will feature a Fireside Chat with Evan Cohen, Head of Crypto at IndieGoGo (a company poised to be a player in Crypto). Thanks to Knotel for hosting. To join/RSVP CryptoTuesdays For Social Good click here

We are excited to announce six new CryptoMondays will be starting starting March 5th, including:

CryptoMondays Toronto

CryptoMondays Chicago

CryptoMondays Denver

CryptoMondays San Diego

CryptoMondays Mumbai

CryptoMondays Houston

In addition, other CryptoMondays that will be happening on March 5th include:

CryptoMondays NYC

CryptoMondays Los Angeles

CryptoMondays San Francisco

CryptoMondays Greenwich

Email us at [email protected] if you want to start a CryptoMondays in your city. We’ve previously written about the mission of CryptoMondays here, and gave one previous update here.

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