Hackernoon logo[Announcement] KickEX now offers reduced VIP trading fees for everyone! by@kick_ecosystem

[Announcement] KickEX now offers reduced VIP trading fees for everyone!

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We are happy to announce that trading fees on the KickEX exchange have been reduced for all users! Yes, for literally ALL of our traders. Starting from now, everyone trading on KickEX will receive a trading fee reduction between 6x and 20x, depending on trading volume for 30 days:

The Basic level: For every trader, maker fees have been reduced to 0.05% and taker fees have been reduced to 0.07% — a 6X decrease.

The Highest level: For top traders, maker fees have been reduced to up to 0% and taker fees have been reduced to up to 0.02% — a decrease of up to 20X.

Please, read more about maker and taker on KickAcademy.

These reduced fees have made trading on KickEX more competitive than other exchanges by placing all users at what are typically VIP tiers at other exchanges. Among the top exchanges, KickEX now looks the MOST profitable. On other exchanges users need to trade for $ 1,500,000 volume to become VIP, that is insane. We did this simply because we can and because we care about our traders. Our team is trying to make trading on KickEX more profitable than anywhere else in the whole industry!


All the levels of trading fees discounts

The trading volume is calculated for 30 days

The reduced trading fees on KickEX are also particularly attractive for large traders and those who trade via API. Plus, there are additional discounts that will help you to cover trading fees using a new semi-stablecoin, KEX, and KickTokens.

Furthermore, we have simplified the whole fee schedule by making it clearer, more visually appealing and transparent. A commission calculator will also be added soon!

How to reduce fees even further?

Excitingly, the fees can be reduced even further by paying in KICK tokens (50% of fee coverage). Choosing this method reduces trading fees by an additional — 25%;

Additionally, if you have more than $50,000 in KickToken on your ecosystem account, you can reduce fees by an additional — 10%;

A balance of KEX tokens worth $100,000 in your exchange account further reduces fees by an additional — 10%.

All these discounts may be summed up and cover your trading fees to the minimum. Now you are one step closer to the best crypto trading in the universe.

Come trade on KickEX now!


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