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Angular Digest (26 January — 7 March)



Angular 7.2.4–7.2.7 — Bazel Schematics and Renderer Ivy will be released soon.

Angular CLI
Angular CLI 7.3.0–7.3.4
 — new option es5BrowserSupport, that makes new browsers not to load unused polyfills.

IONIC 4.1.0 Hydrogen

NGRX 7.2.0–7.3.0
 — improved Schematics.

RxJS 6.4.0
 — fixed shareReplay


TypeScript 3.3.3
TypeScript 3.3.3333 — lol.


MediumEditor — very simple WYSIWYG Editor, lightweight and cross-browser support.

Storybook — is an open source tool for developing UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient.

Sourcegraph — chrome extension that highlights Typescript code in GitHub.

type-coverage — A CLI tool to check type coverage for typescript code

NGX Permissions — Permission and roles based access control for your angular(angular 2,4,5,6,7+) applications(AOT, lazy modules compatible

Virtual DOM for Angular

Very fresh release, but you can try it:

@Component({ template: '' })
export class AppComponent extends Renderable {
render() {
return (<h1>Hello World!</h1>)

5 Angular CLI Features You Didn’t know About

Lets learn Open Source

How Angular deals with foo + bar | baz.

  • Front-end of a compiler
  • Recursive descent parsing
  • Visitor pattern

Tooltip with Angular CDK

Practical use: @angular/cdk: Overlay + Portal = Tooltip.

Angular 8 and Ivy

When will Ivy be ready? Plans?

Angular DI

  • How is DI implemented in Angular Ivy
  • What is NodeInjector

Advanced TypeScript patterns

Lets practise with primitive types and become a master in TypeScript

Develop a rapid code

  • What is a big O
  • What is the difference between O(N²) and O(logN)
  • What is a binary search?

RxJS Throttling

Throttling notifications from multiple users with RxJS or how the ‘groupBy’ operator works under-the-hood.

Angular Reactive Forms

  • Validations
  • Update On
  • Preventing Infinite Loops

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