Hackernoon logoEOS first baby steps: account, wallet, keypair, testnet, transfer tokens, validate transactions. by@Andrii

EOS first baby steps: account, wallet, keypair, testnet, transfer tokens, validate transactions.

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9 June, at 0100 UTC, the EOS Mainnet Launch Group voted “Go” to start EOS Mainnet Launch.

EOS is young, and most of the environments are just developing, but some necessary things are available and … work!

If you have actual EOS account, kindly skip this article.

We oriented on education session step by step 15 minutes instructions.

Important. Its education guide don’t use it for real money transfers!

Create key pair

We will create a key pair without a wallet.

The most common solution is the command line tool. But we are lazy.

  • Go to link
  • Click Register EOS key

Please back up the private key displayed below in multiple safe locations before continuing.

You should make more than one copy (including for external storage device such as a USB stick) and keep all copies in separate secure locations.

  • Click Register EOS key

My example :

Public keyEOS7epiMwQShVAYS6py3SrrJJbuCnbmhN9C6USYnMKBxJPYkydBcZ

Private key5Jqnrmm9qmRMx6yMXTEgQ4N5WZsqGgEP5mi8VjS1hD7sFzTMoZt


There is no way to recover your private key. You must save it right now, or you will be unable to access your EOS tokens

Create account in Jungle Testnet:

  • Go to Testnet website monitor :

You have to create the account on an EOS Blockchain:

  • Click Create Account

Follow the instructions:

  • Input your preferred account name and copy the public key from the key pair as “Owner Public Key”
  • Copy the same public key from the key pair as “Active Public Key”
  • Check that network answer is like this:
executed transaction: a24e939de87fc041e5dbdab87a94058749b2a87ac7a8d75a0b8f2152528f7ee5 344 bytes 5633 us 2018–08–28T22:19:34.612 thread-0 main.cpp:455 print_result ] warning: transaction executed locally, but may not be confirmed by the network yet
# eosio <= eosio::newaccount {“creator”:”eosio”,”name”:”detonator212",”owner”:{“threshold”:1,”keys”:[{“key”:”EOS7epiMwQShVAYS6py3… # eosio <= eosio::buyram {“payer”:”eosio”,”receiver”:”detonator212",”quant”:”10.0000 EOS”} # eosio.token <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.ram”,”quantity”:”9.9500 EOS”,”memo”:”buy ram”} # eosio <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.ram”,”quantity”:”9.9500 EOS”,”memo”:”buy ram”} # eosio.ram <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.ram”,”quantity”:”9.9500 EOS”,”memo”:”buy ram”} # eosio.token <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.ramfee”,”quantity”:”0.0500 EOS”,”memo”:”ram fee”} # eosio <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.ramfee”,”quantity”:”0.0500 EOS”,”memo”:”ram fee”} # eosio.ramfee <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.ramfee”,”quantity”:”0.0500 EOS”,”memo”:”ram fee”} # eosio <= eosio::delegatebw {“from”:”eosio”,”receiver”:”detonator212",”stake_net_quantity”:”100.0000 EOS”,”stake_cpu_quantity”:”… # eosio.token <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.stake”,”quantity”:”200.0000 EOS”,”memo”:”stake bandwidth”} # eosio <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.stake”,”quantity”:”200.0000 EOS”,”memo”:”stake bandwidth”} # eosio.stake <= eosio.token::transfer {“from”:”eosio”,”to”:”eosio.stake”,”quantity”:”200.0000 EOS”,”memo”:”stake bandwidth”}

Update account balance

  • From testnet web site:
  • Click “Faucet”
  • Input your account Name

My name example is detonator212

  • Click send coins button
  • See transaction details
  • Click send coins button again

Check information with a screenshot:

Check account status

  • Click “Account History”
  • Check transaction and click account info
10000.0000 EOS
10000.0000 JUNGLE
Account Info: 
Created: 2018–08–29 01:19:35
Last code Update: —
Active Key: EOS7epiMwQShVAYS6py3SrrJJbuCnbmhN9C6USYnMKBxJPYkydBcZ
Owner Key: EOS7epiMwQShVAYS6py3SrrJJbuCnbmhN9C6USYnMKBxJPYkydBcZ
RAM used 3446 bytes / quota: 85736 bytes
NET bandwidth:
staked: -1
delegated: 100.0000 EOS
current: 0 / available: 19313814 bytes
max: 19313814 bytes
CPU bandwidth:
staked: -1
delegated: 100.0000 EOS
current: 0 / available: 3685015 time
max: 3685015 time
Voter Info:
staked: 2000000
last vote weight: 0.00000000000000000
proxie vote weight: 0.00000000000000000
is proxy: 0
deferred trx id: undefined
last unstake time: NaN-aN-aN aN:aN:aN
unstaking: undefined

Install Scatter plugin for Google Chrome

Scatter is a browser extension that allows you to sign transactions for multiple blockchains and provide personal information to web applications without ever exposing your keys or filling out forms.

From web link


From Chrome Store

Go to Chrome Store

From The Repository

  • Clone repository
  • on a Windows system you will need to run npm install --global --production windows-build-tools
  • npm install to get dependencies
  • copy the .env.example file to .env
  • npm start to compile a build folder.

Installing dev build into Chrome

  • Open up Chrome and type chrome://extensions/ into the url bar
  • Click the Load unpacked extension... button and point it at the folder you just created/built (the folder should have a manifest.json inside of it).

If you are a real geek you can read manuals https://get-scatter.com/docs/dev/getting-started

Don’t forget your password and save mnemonic!

Gather information for Identity

Go to http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#home

  1. Click to API endpoints or http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#apiendpoints, copy information about the node (use first one) and actual port for connection:

2. Go to http://jungle.cryptolions.io:18888/v1/chain/get_info

or input your actual IP and port

Check results and copy your chain ID


Setting Scatter plugin

  • Click on Skitter plugin logo at Chrome.
  • skip basic configuration (as we not using the EOS mainnet which is supported by default )

Register new network

  • Click Settings
  • Select Networks
  • Click “New” Button
  • Fill information at form:

Name: jungle.cryptolions.io

Domain: jungle.cryptolions.io

Select: http

Port 18888

Chain code ID: 038f4b0fc8ff18a4f0842a8f0564611f6e96e8535901dd45e43ac8691a1c4dca

Register the key pair

  • Input key pair name
  • Copy past your private key
  • Click Save

Create Identify

  • Select your jungle Network and saved key pare
  • Click Import
  • Select [email protected] account
  • Save

Enjoy using Scatter.

Test Account Identify

Go to Scatter plugin.

  • Select identities and Click button:

Check your balance of EOS and Jungle tokens

Optionally restart your browser — you are ready for transactions

Connect Web Wallet

Go to scattellet.com, enter the IP for the Jungle Testweb, fixing it 3 hours and then find that:

scattellet is not supported for Jungle Network.


Go to alternative:

  • Click ‘Change Network’ chapter
  • Select Jungle Testnet Network

At the same section check that your account is connected or push it

Transferring Tokens

From http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#home copy any user name or use my account for Recipient name:


Quantity: 100.01

  • Click SEND

Wait for Scatter popup windows

  • Click at box near “Do you want to whitelist this contract action?”
  • Mark all fields:
  • Click Accept

If you are lucky you will see the message with success

Validate transactions

Block: # 12110731
TXid: 4140225362cdab05d2be90e6ca6377c8b5c957ea3d63e2ad33fe9c7b24ec3269
Date: 2018–08–29T11:25:45
Action: eosio.token::transfer
From: detonator212
Info: detonator212>lioninjungle
100.0100 EOS
Hello, kindly follow me at medium.com/@andrii.ryzhenko/
  • Go to my account (or your Recipient)
  • Check transaction details

Congratulation, you are primary EOS blockchain user ❤


I can say that EOS design is more user-friendly than Ethereum:

  • accounts name vs. public key
  • readable message in transaction body vs. only HEX format (hello SPAM)

The environment is very young and will be developed. But you can run all basic functionality without geek command line.

If you require instructions for EOS main net, please comment article

Thanks a lot! Don’t forget you can clap up to 50 times! ❤

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