Anarchists Only — If you Enjoy Being Exploited by Billionaires Don’t Read Thisby@ChrisHerd
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Anarchists Only — If you Enjoy Being Exploited by Billionaires Don’t Read This

by Chris HerdJuly 5th, 2018
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I believe that tomorrow can be better than today.
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I believe that tomorrow can be better than today.

That is the thing that gets me out of bed every morning. I approach each day with a relentless perseverance to impact the world we live in.

I refuse to accept everything I have been told.

Where things don’t make sense, when rewards don’t seem to be equitable between all parties, I ask why. If the answer lacks true definition, fails to focus on the problematic specifics or the person tries to brush it off as obvious I know there is something that can be changed.

The world is shackled by conventional wisdom, general consensus and the dogma surrounding accepted norms. In order to overcome these we must realise that everything in the world exists as it does now because of a decision made by another human being just like you.

If you upset the applecart you are branded a troublemaker. Good.

Nothing in the world exists because it was ordained by a greater being.

We didn’t put a man on the moon because somebody handed us the technological capability to achieve it. We never developed farming because we inherited the knowledge of how to do it. Vaccinations never fell out of the sky enabling us to protect millions of people and save billions of lives.

Everything arose from experimentation.

Everything that exists now is only the best current example.

But like every experiment, they are subjects for improvement.

Progress is determined by our willingness to reject the rules we inherit. The Wright brothers were ridiculed for believing humans could fly, continually told that if we were meant to we would have wings.

Only their reluctance to accept this pressures enables us to soar.

Renegades, upstarts and anarchists change the future.

The world is shaped by those who refuse to accept the stupidity of wisdom. Idiocy is accepting everything you are told without asking questions relating to the fundamental problems everyone can see.

Bravery is refusing to accept bullshit answers.

Insanity is a refusal to embrace the truth staring you in the face.

Look around you. Everywhere there are problems staring back at you.

Solutions won’t arrive until we embrace our position of power. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. The only thing required for exploitative practices to continue is for smart people to never ask questions.

The only way the world doesn’t improve is if we allow the rules, products and services we inherit to remain fixed.

It is our responsibility to improve every single thing we touch.

Banking for Punks

My contribution to this is refusing to believe the bankers and institutions who led us to the brink of worldwide collapse are the right people to control our money and financial destiny.

Why should we believe the products and services they tell us we should use are the right instruments to protect us?

Why should we believe anything they tell us ever again.

We are exploited as tools to enable their destructive risk-taking, which is framed as the fuel which ensures financial prosperity, but how can that be true? They deal in danger while making those gambles with our money — The beauty of fractional reserve is that they are enabled to multiply the capital they are trusted with to take even greater risks.

And what is our reward?

Paltry interest payments. In short, any money stored in a bank is losing value due to inflation. All the while banks are able to loan money above inflation, increase their valuations while speculating on the riskiest financial vehicles which exist only to magnify the wealth gap.

The gap between the richest 1% and the remaining 99% has never been larger. Yet governments, regulators and institutions prescribe our ability to grow our wealth.

Are you a sophisticated investor — do you feel sophisticated?

What the hell determines whether you are or not?

How much money you have in your bank.

Not accreditation, not having displayed capability, not an understanding of any/all risks. Just how much money you have. If you have £250,000 in your bank account you can participate, if you don’t you can’t.

Can you spot a pattern that beginning to emerge?

They need our money to take bigger risks to enrich themselves and the wealthiest among us, yet we can’t ever cross the chasm ourselves.

Our money enables the economic wheel to spin, but our reward for doing so is a loss of wealth due to inflation.

Fuck that.

Fuck this.

Together we can build something new.

Let’s place ourselves at the centre of this new economic model.

Let’s benefit directly from the value that our money creates.

Let’s grow our own wealth exponentially and not other people.

This means taking back control and altering every single rule. What do banks do with all the data we create, they know what all my expenses are, and the same for every other customer, but have they ever told me how much I could be saving?

If banks cared about us that is what they would do. They would help their customers. They never have. They don’t want to cannibalise their own market.

Banking has existed for 300 years, and it has run its course. It exists now only because it’s the way it’s always been, not because its the best solution.

It’s time to reject it.

We need to refuse to participate in a system which is rigged.

Together we can. Help us change the world. Believe in better.

Together we’re Nexves