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An open letter to Elon Musk, from eelo founder

Dear Elon,

Since the 90s, you have been a world changer with great projects like Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop and OpenAI. And I’ve noticed you have released Tesla patents into the public domain, and have open-sourced the Hyperloop and OpenAI projects.

Behind your projects, I sense a single course of action: empowering people, while making the world better.

Today, the digital giants are massively abusing individual and corporate data planet-wide, for the single purpose of fueling their businesses. Worse, this is installing a global surveillance system controlled by a small group of people. In the long run, this situation even threatens democracy.

Twenty years ago I started Mandrake Linux, which was the first Linux distribution to really care about user experience. It empowered millions of users.

Now I’m starting eelo, a project in the public interest, because I want to offer a credible and ‘consumer-ready’ alternative to this data privacy disaster. I want to empower individuals and corporations with a saner option. To provide them a way to escape digital slavery.

Interest in eelo is catching on. To help us succeed, we’re looking for more forces for good to join in. We need people like you to back the project and contribute.

Dear Elon, let’s talk about it?

Kind regards,

Gaël Duval

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