"We Want To Be The Google of Web3": Hello Co-Founder Alvaro Pintadoby@penworth
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"We Want To Be The Google of Web3": Hello Co-Founder Alvaro Pintado

by Olayimika Oyebanji June 5th, 2023
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18-year-old co-founder and CEO of Hello, Alvaro Pintado, talks about how he wants his decentralized storage network to be the Google of web3 and more.
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Alvaro Pintado is the 18-year-old Spanish co-founder and CEO of Hello, a decentralized storage network, who is betting on the future of blockchain and AI. In this interview, Alvaro told me about his foray into the blockchain world and his ambition to become the Larry Page and Sergey Brin of web3. Read on!

Alvaro, Can you tell us how your journey to blockchain and decentralization began?

I’ve always had the humanly common and innate desire of changing the world, and the main difference is that I am determined to materialize that desire into reality. Expressing this idea may appear quite simple, yet the execution thereof presents a distinct challenge. That is why I made a choice to meticulously analyze all the potential components within my grasp, aiming to see what is the greatest thing that can be done, because it is all about impact, right, and about what is the thing in essence that inherently has the capacity to wield the most significant influence on humans worldwide.

As one of my favorite quotes says: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Through an exhaustive examination of concepts and elements, delving into the crux of the matter, I achieved success. The conclusion I arrived at is that the element or technology with the greatest influence and impact on the world is not social media, any particular company, or platform. It is, in fact, the internet protocol—the foundational framework that connects us all across the globe.

Blockchain is just the start of this connectivity revolution that will eradicate the IP as we presently know it. It is at this juncture that my journey with decentralized systems commences.

Can you provide an overview of Hello and its mission in the decentralized data storage space?

Hello is what we call a truly decentralized ecosystem, and its mission is very clear: to establish itself as the decentralized Google. In other words, we want to be the Google of web3.

We firmly believe that the trajectory of the internet is moving towards a paradigm where efficiency, sustainability, and scalability will be essential pillars of the system, the obsolescence of conventional user authentication methods and centralized solutions such as usernames and passwords is evident, and it makes no sense that 3 or 4 private companies monopolize the majority of data transmission and storage all over the internet, that is not fair nor logic for the users in terms of pricing and ownership of their own data.

So Hello’s mission is to democratize data storage and to give ownership to users over their own information, and furthermore, we are going to be the world’s biggest decentralized ecosystem in less than 4 years. As a company, we hold that there are 3 fundamentals of the future, and those are efficiency, sustainability, and optimization. The decentralized concept is one of the few that inherently possesses these 3 fundamentals, so this is why decentralization is the answer.

How does Hello differentiate itself from traditional centralized data storage solutions?

Hello Space, which is the first app of this ecosystem (a decentralized drop-box) embraces the concept of object storage. Unlike traditional file-based storage systems, object storage treats data as discrete units, known as objects, which are accompanied by metadata for efficient organization and retrieval. This approach enables seamless scalability and optimal utilization of resources, ensuring that data can be easily accessed, modified, and distributed across the network.

One crucial distinction lies in ownership. In centralized storage solutions, data ownership typically resides with the service provider, granting them control over users' information. However, the whole Hello Ecosystem operates on a decentralized model, leveraging blockchain or distributed ledger technology. This means that data ownership is decentralized, giving users more control and autonomy over their own data. Instead of relying on a single entity, the data is distributed across a network of nodes, enhancing security and resilience.

Moreover, Hello Space addresses the limitations of centralized solutions that rely on passwords for user authentication. These methods have become increasingly vulnerable to breaches and identity theft. In contrast, Hello Space implements advanced cryptographic techniques, such as public-key cryptography, to authenticate and secure user access. This ensures robust protection and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to data.

We are challenging the status quo of a handful of private companies monopolizing the flow and storage of information. By operating on a decentralized model, we contribute to a more equitable distribution of data control. We are allowing users to participate in the network by contributing their own storage resources, enabling a peer-to-peer exchange of storage capacity, and incentivizing users to be active participants in the ecosystem.

Can you explain the incentive model for participants in the Hello network? How do they contribute to the ecosystem?

Sure, but before that, it is important to understand that in a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) storage network, the incentive model aims to motivate participants to contribute their storage resources and actively participate in the network's operations. This model revolves around rewarding participants for their contributions while ensuring the overall efficiency and sustainability of the network.

One key aspect of this incentive model is the concept of resource sharing. Participants who contribute their storage capacity to the network are incentivized by receiving rewards or tokens in return. These tokens can represent a form of cryptocurrency or utility within the network. The more storage space a participant contributes, and the longer they maintain their resources available, the greater their potential rewards. This approach encourages individuals to share their idle storage resources and helps create a robust and scalable storage infrastructure.

Additionally, participants may be rewarded for other valuable contributions to the network. For example, they can earn tokens for maintaining high uptime, providing reliable data retrieval services, or participating in consensus mechanisms for network governance. These incentives promote active engagement and ensure the network's health by fostering a cooperative ecosystem where participants are rewarded for their positive contributions.

Basically, the incentive model in a decentralized P2P storage network aims to align the interests of participants with the network's goals. This is achieved by offering rewards for resource sharing and meaningful involvement; the model incentivizes collaboration, reliability, and long-term sustainability, ultimately enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the decentralized storage ecosystem.

What are the scalability challenges that Hello Storage faces in achieving widespread adoption?

The truth is that we’ll face several scalability challenges that will need to be overcome in order to achieve widespread adoption of our decentralized storage network. One of the primary challenges is maintaining network performance as the user base expands. As more users join the network and data storage demands increase, the network must efficiently handle the increased traffic and maintain low latency. Scaling the infrastructure to accommodate a growing number of users and their storage needs without compromising speed and reliability is essential.

Another challenge is scaling the storage capacity of the network. As more participants contribute their storage resources, it becomes crucial to ensure that the available storage capacity scales proportionally to meet the growing demand. Efficiently managing and allocating storage resources while incentivizing participants to contribute their resources requires careful planning and robust mechanisms.

Consensus mechanisms, such as blockchain, also pose scalability challenges. These mechanisms are essential for maintaining the integrity of the network, but as the network grows, scaling consensus becomes complex. Also, ensuring fast transaction processing times and maintaining consensus without compromising security and decentralization requires ongoing research and optimization.

What are the future plans and roadmap for Hello? Are there any upcoming features or developments that users can look forward to?

Good question. Due to our insatiable ambition, we will not merely stop at Hello Space. We aspire to surpass limitations and achieve the culmination of the web3 revolution. To accomplish this, we have planned the launch of Hello Network and Hello ID in approximately one year.

The Hello Network will be based on our proprietary blockchain protocol, designed to accommodate even the smallest and least powerful devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Our objective is to gradually build a vast, highly stable, and resilient network where every user becomes a direct or indirect participant. Through this approach, we aim to gradually shift power from corporations to individuals, marking the beginning of a new era.

On the other hand, Hello ID will serve as the definitive replacement for traditional methods of internet authentication. It will represent a unique and globally recognized digital identity, granting access to all applications, websites, and platforms across the web. Hello ID will be a cryptographically secured identity based on blockchain technology, empowering you to maintain control over all your assets without relying on any third-party entities.

And so, with the launch of these two key parts of the ecosystem on the horizon, a profound transformation awaits us. We stand on the precipice of a new era fueled by our unwavering determination to push the boundaries of technological advancement.

Together, let us redefine the rules, challenge the existing condition, and carve a path toward a future where the power rests firmly in the hands of individuals. With Hello, we embark on a quest to reshape the digital landscape, fostering a realm of boundless opportunities, unrivaled security, and true digital freedom. The revolution has begun, and you are at the vanguard. Embrace the dawn of a new era, for the possibilities are infinite, and the future is ours to shape.