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Hackernoon logoAn Inspiring Story of Sowemo Tech Company Founder by@Ketan

An Inspiring Story of Sowemo Tech Company Founder

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Sowemo Tech Private Limited Founded by Ketan Shrivastava and Surendra yadav in July 2019. Basically its a IT service company located in heart of India at Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Its a long journey travelled by Ketan from 2012 When Ketan was in final year of engineering in 2012. He had idea of Talent Search Portal. At that time in Bhopal Engineering students have potentials But was not much aware about Angel investors.

So Ketan decided to start Software company by which he can earn money and that money he can spend on purchasing servers for his Talent search portal.

As he belong to lower middle class family so when he told his idea to start software company to his mother and want help of 25000 rs only Mother denied it as his family condition is like that he completed his engineering from education loan and her mother spent 70 percent of her salary in room and food expenses of hostel of Ketan.

Even Ketan purchased his first Personal computer by taking money on interest by providing security of mother jewellery even after security of jewellery he have no money to purchase laptop and buy only computer. To challenge Ketan His mother gave him 300 rs to start business. He took this 300 rs and purchase 1000 A4 size pumplets from Market and pasted posters in Bhopal with his friend Abhinav and Anmol and Junior Anubhav .In very cold weather and in morning time of 4 am he did not care of cold and pasted posters every where for providing Training and Major and Minor projects of 6th and 8th sem students.When he was in Final year He developed project for self and Sell projects to Many Students like him,His classmates and Juniors.

Only in 4 days Ketan Earned 10000 rupees from 300 rs and took office on rent and start working from office. He started his venture on name of CPS Soft Tech Which provide Services of Software Development, Website Development, Training and Recruitment. As up and Downs always comes in business even if you have no backup than its really hard to survive. So with ups Ketan also feel many downfalls but in the time of struggle he did not defeated and stand with situations with confidence. He struggled a lot as he had no bike to go for marketing and went to meet with clients by bus and travel too many distance in heat of summer by walking.

Sometime he had no money to eat food and also in his tough time his Ex girlfriend left her by saying that Ketan will not do anything in life as he have passion of business and left many jobs due to His craziness for business. That was a biggest shock for Ketan but he also accepted this and continued his business and after two months conditions become good and CPS Soft Tech became a Successful Startup. Ketan purchased home and car. Also in 2014 he sent his idea of Talent search portal to Some Angel investors but they did not invest in it.

So he decided to Focus now on building Software company. Up to 2015 Ketan run Successfully his Startup and closed it to learn Government procurement procedures so that he can take good Government contracts for his company and did Job in various companies as a Business head for Learning Business Development process for getting Egovernance Contracts. In Job time of 2015 to 2019 He worked with various Government and PSUs including National Egovernance Division Under Ministry of IT, Government of India for Integration of Digital Locker first dream project of Digital India. After getting Experience in Government Procurement Procedures.

He started again Software company with his friend and Senior Mr Surendra Kumar Yadav in 2019 and In September 2019 their company got the Work order from Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Limited for the Webiste Maintenance of Madhya Pradesh Energy Department also getting some good International Corporate Projects of Mobile Application Development. Sowemo Tech is Developing OTT Accelerator Platform for one of the Mumbai based Investor having office in Singapore.

So now journey is continue to build a successful Software Company and he is confident that soon he will be in List of Unicorns.

He wants to thanks to his partner Mr Surendra yadav for believing in him. In struggle his friend Neha always motivated him to never defeat and believed in his dreams and now working in Sowemo Tech with him and helping him in completing his dream.

He also wants to thanks to his Mother for supporting him and also to His Mausa, Mausi, Mama, Mami.


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