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An Idea That Could Protect Your Identity

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“A society that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology will appreciate how The Infinity Card eases their day-to-day transactions.”

My colleague & high school friend, Hari Nair, planned to go for wings with me after work. It’s always great to meet up with him because he’s that kind of friend that you truly be cool with and talk about anything. Anyways, we ordered our wings at our local bar and began to talk about different topics, from moments in high school to what’s going on at work now for the both of us. After a couple of drinks, Hari told me about something that he’s been planning to work on with his possible business partner, Brendan Sheehan, that could potentially change the world (or what’s around us).

This idea is called the Infinity Card (IC), a one of-a-kind product which seeks to revolutionize the mundane tasks that individuals come across on a day-to-day basis. Vague, I know, but continue reading. The purpose of the IC is to create a physical card that acts as a gateway to a person’s identity and livelihood, and it will grant consumers access to all their preferred financial and personal credentials through the use of a single key-card. These credentials include credit card, debit card, health card, driver’s licence, SIN cards, and passports! Don’t even think about bringing your lumpy passport booklet if you got yourself the IC.

The reason why the two wanted to work on this is because they have researched and discovered that modern technology has conditioned us humans to expect the transfer of technological information to be performed at a rapid rate (still increasing). The IC would reinforce this expectation by providing consumers with a means of accessing their financial and personal identity instantly. A society that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology will appreciate how The Infinity Card eases their day-to-day transactions.

You may be reading this thinking that there are other companies who have the power to take care of what they’re trying to solve. Technology giants such as Apple, Amazon, Windows, Google and IBM have created digital wallets that only perform financial transactions. What separates the IC from its competitors is the addition of digitized personal credentials as fellas financial credentials, so the semi-digital wallet will contain pieces of identity as well as personal financial information. Companies like Apple have introduced the concept of a digitized wallet with services like Apple Pay. The IC seeks to expand on this idea and incorporate additional services, making the IC initiate a trend of digitized wallets that is expected to become the standard form in the near future.

How will the IC look? It’s envisioned to be a sleek semi-digital wallet that seeks to ease the lives of users by housing their financial and personal credential such as credit cards, debit cards, drivers licence, health cards, and more. One card fits all.

Don’t be a George Costanza.

Safety will become an obstacle for them, but just like in any other company, you have obstacles to succeed later on. The risks associated with this market involve the public’s approval of digitized wallets. Some time will be needed to allow the public to adjust to the concept of a completely digitized wallet, therefore investors may worry that the idea of the IC is a poor investment. Due to the ever-growing concerns on cybersecurity threats, the public may not be willing to trust all their information being placed on one device. Luckily, the infinity card is a semi-digital interface, so there are many forms of safety precautions if someone loses it, such as password protection, fingerprint recognition & military-grade encryption. Or if the card is accidentally lost or stolen, it can easily be frozen online so no one else may use it.

The main reason of this being a winner is that the IC will be the first of its kind. Other payment card industries still focus on debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, ATMs, and so on, which leads to an overabundance of awards that people don’t choose to carry around, among still many other government-issued identification. The freedom afforded by having all of these in one card will surely be appreciated by potential customers. Moreover, the target and number of potential customers is very large, as it is very relevant to modern living where virtually everyone owns many cards.

This is exactly what the future needs! The IC looks to take the wallet to a much needed technological advancement. The user will have access to their credentials & financial identities, such as their passport, social insurance number, health card & more. It’s a slim lightweight design that will allow anyone to always stay connected with their entire personal information. Its advanced security software will allow people to feel safe containing all their information, and it’s built for the everyday person. Nearly everyone will be looking to upgrade their lives to the Infinity Card.

But, as I have stated from the start, it’s just an idea. Maybe Hari and Brendan will be able to disrupt the whole world, or someone else will pick it up.

By then, I finished my basket of wings.
 Till next time, cheers.


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