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Want To Think Differently About Apple?

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Would you like to know a secret story about Apple, one that will make you look at them a little differently from now on? Of course you do.

Are you an Apple customer who thinks Jobs is Jesus?

I want to hear from you.

I am almost done writing it, but I need a little help from you to finish it.

If you are an Apple customer, you can help me with a new article that I am writing, its one that you definitely haven’t read elsewhere yet.

Help me out, you will get to read something you haven’t seen before.

Before I finish writing my article, I need to take the pulse of Apple customers with this survey and I would appreciate your vote.

What do YOU think? Click To Vote.

I cannot embed the Twitter poll into this letter, but you can go directly to the poll by clicking this link or on the image and heading over to Twitter.

If you have any comments on the subject of Tim Cook at the helm of Apple as its CEO, do let me know and I will quote you (anonymously or not).

Thank you for voting, your vote will have a direct impact on my article.

Thanks again!

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