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An Abstract

by Knut Svanholm3mDecember 4th, 2017
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<span>Y</span>es, abstract. An abstraction. That’s what cryptocurrencies are. Yes, there’s the great spreadsheet in the sky we call the blockchain but that consists, solely, of code and mathematics. Mathematics and code, in turn, are basically just speech. Means to an end, a way to express a thought process. That’s what this article is too, an attempt to capture the fleeting glimpses of imagined clarity we call thoughts and putting them on paper. The concept of sound money and how it will change the world spawn fresh thoughts and ideas all over the globe on a daily basis. Once you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole you won’t be able to stop thinking about the wonderland you found beneath the surface. You <em>automatically</em> begin to question <em>everything. </em>Suddenly, everything you thought you knew about money, banks, trust, authority, prosperity, legality, borders, education, inclusion, exclusion and freedom of speech gets turned on its head. As soon as you get to experience exponential growth first hand everything else in your life starts to feel unimaginative, time consuming, unfocused and boring. Your job, your mortgage, your savings and your petty little problems seem to shrink as you start to grow and zoom out. You develop a helicopter view which seemed unreachable just a couple of years ago. You’ve picked up the sweet scent of freedom and you’re on the prowl now regardless of what you did before.

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