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Amazon Connect : How can my business benefit from AWS Pt 3

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@febinFebin John James

In part three of the series. I will cover about the recently launched Amazon Connect. Here is part one and part two. Make sure you follow Hackernoon and me (Febin John James) so that you won’t miss the later part of the series.

Imagine you want to start a contact center. You got to buy lot of hardwares , pay engineers to setup the network, pay the installation charges of IVR, etc . The process would consume time and money.

With Amazon Connect you can setup your contact center in minutes. It goes beyond high quality voice service. The Interactive Voice Responder (IVR) uses data and business intelligence to predict the questions your customer would ask.

The speech recognition engineering included is the same technology used by Amazon Alexa. It has got skill based routing which means it is smart enough to route a call to the right agent. If a customer has a question on sales. He would be connected to the sales agent.

You get real-time reports on the kind of problems your customer have. This will enable you to increase the utilisation of your agents. Hence decreasing the waiting time.

Since it’s an open platform , developers can use it to export data and use API’s to connect with existing services.

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