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Fun little experiment to try out: go to your browser’s address bar (works best in desktop Chrome) and record your top websites that autocomplete for each of the letters a-z. And if you’re feeling especially brave, share the results with the world… 😈


My Google Chrome autocomplete results for A-Z.

My Results

  • A) amazon.com - no surprises here. 🛍
  • B) baypirateproxy.org - mirror for the thepiratebay torrents.
  • C) crunchyroll.com - for all your anime needs.
  • D) digg.com - kinda old school, but I prefer checking it to any personalized newesfeeds for generic news.
  • E) en.todoist.com - Useful TODO list app todoist (I’ve recently switched to notion and couldn’t be happier).
  • F) facebook.com - Duh, though I’ve disabled my FB news feed with the News Feed Eradicator chrome plugin so I don’t visit nearly as often as I used to.
  • G) github.com - Open source work consumes a lot of my time. ⭐️ grubhub.com is a reasonably distant second place here.
  • H) hulu.com - Netflix’s younger cousin.. cause some stuff’s only available on Hulu.
  • I) interplayapp.com - Really interesting new design tool that aims to make design + dev collaboration much easier.
  • J) js.coach/react - Very useful curated list of high quality React components.
  • K) katcr.co - Old KickAssTorrents mirror that is out of date.
  • L) http://localhost:3000 - Ahh the joys of local web development. 😄
  • M) messenger.com - I use FB Messenger a lot more than SMS ever since I spent a few years living abroad in Thailand. International SMS is clunky but internet messaging platforms always “just work”. And of those platforms like Line, Wechat, etc., the only one where 99% of my friends have accounts is FB Messenger.
  • N) news.ycombinator.com - Hacker News! 😎 I was a little surprised Netflix didn’t make it as my #1 but these days I stream more from external devices than my primary laptop. Also nytimes.com rounding out my top 3.
  • O) outlook.com - Cause some companies force you to use Outlook 🤷‍
  • P) producthunt.com - As a serial entrepreneur, Product Hunt’s a daily visit for me.
  • Q) Leaving this one out as it’s an admin dashboard for async jobs for a recent project of mine.
  • R) reddit.com - The constant rabbit-hole of Reddit. :sigh:
  • S) seventorrentsmirror.info - Torrent directory listing.
  • T) twitter.com - This one’s probably my most visited. FOMO for better or worse…
  • U) unsplash.com - Excellent royalty-free stock photo site.
  • V) vrv.co - Crunchyroll’s cooler sister made by the same peeps. Anime streaming central.
  • W) wsj.com - Reasonably unbiased news.
  • X) This was the only letter that didn’t autocomplete to any website for me… no seriously, it didn’t autocomplete even though there were results… I wonder if this is a built-in privacy mechanism of Chrome because I definitely don’t use Incognito mode... 🤷‍
  • Y) - I spend a lot more time on here than I probably should. :sigh:
  • Z) zocdoc.com - Cause health’s important yo.


These results can be roughly grouped into the following categories:

  • Streaming (Hulu, VRV, YouTube, Crunchyroll, and various torrent sites)
  • Software (localhost, GitHub, ProductHunt, js.coach)
  • News (WSJ, Digg, Twitter, Hacker News)
  • Social (Twitter, Facebook, Messenger)


  1. I stream a LOT of video and ❤️ torrents (shout out to WebTorrent).
  2. I’m pretty surprised there’s nothing NSFW on this list. 🕵
  3. I’m sure there are a few results on here that would be novel and/or surprising to you and vice-versa.


So what is your alphabet of most visited websites?

If you’re feeling brave, share some standouts from your list in the comments below or mention me @transitive_bs on Twitter!

Hopefully this was a fun little experiment for you.. in a similar vein to ProductHunt sharing the most sticky apps that people use a lot but most people don’t know about (example).

Also, gimme some of them claps 👏 👏 👏



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