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40 Stories To Learn About Browsers

by Learn RepoJuly 30th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Browsers via these 40 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Browsers via these 40 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. What Is the Best Browser for Your Privacy?

How to pick out the right web browser when you're focused on privacy and functionality.

2. 3 Best Web-based Remote Desktop: Just Click the Link and Connect

Quick remote access to your computer. Secure services that help you connect to your PC remotely through your browser.

3. How to Run Selenium Tests on Firefox using Firefox Driver

 Selenium uses Firefox Driver to link the test cases with the Firefox browser. In this guide, we discuss how Selenium Firefox driver aka GeckoDriver works with the help of an example.

4. Your Instagram Privacy Guide for 2022

Of the major social networks, Instagram is definitely one of the most public. It’s also one of the most limited in terms of what can and can’t be shared.

5. 6 Browser Extensions for Online Privacy in 2020

A lot of things happened in 2019 that lead people talking and caring more about their privacy online. You might hear a lot of people saying that there isn’t such a thing as privacy online. Our actions online are being monitored, we get personalized ads, that are not just influencing us to buy something, but even influences our political views, influences our values, our actions.

6. Hidden Things You Didn't Know Google Chrome Can Do

There is no doubt Google Chrome is known to many users around the world. Many use Chrome browser for different things. The reality is that the majority are unaware of the myriads of things Google Chrome can offer. In this article, we shall be looking at five top things you can do with Google Chrome.

7. Poking around Chrome Extensions

If you want to learn how to do Chrome Extensions, then one under-appreciated way of learning is to poke your nose into other people's extensions!

8. Top 5 Best Android Browsers In 2020

Well, We all use browsers for suffering on internet. Browsers help us to retrieve data from the World Wide Web. Besides all these, we all want a safe and secure browser that will not steal our data. In this article I am gonna list some best browsers for android which are totally safe and secure.

9. These are the Top 5 Browsers for Privacy and Security

Anonymity on the internet has been in a steady state of decline. In the interest of reversing that trend, this is a list of the top five browsers for privacy and security. While it should be noted that nothing published on the internet is perfectly private or secure, these are the browsers that will do the most to get you close.

10. Avast Secure Browser Gets Top Spot in AV-Comparatives' Anti-Phishing Protection Test

Using Avast Secure Browser either as a primary or a secondary browser is easy and will give you a safer, and faster browsing experience across all your devices.

11. How to become a Brave Verified Creator

A guide to obtain the Brave Verified Creator badge and start collecting BAT contributions.

12. 3 Reasons to Use a Private Browser and Where to Find One

Three reasons why you beed a private browser for safe and secure browsing, regardless of what you're doing online.

13. Insight Browser Wants to Rid the Internet of Bad ADs and SEO

It's early days for Insight Browser but our mission is ambitious — we want to rid the internet of bad ads, SEO and misinformation

14. A Non-Technical Intro to The Brave Browser and How it Protects You, Your Data, and Your Privacy!

The obvious methods of influence and manipulation aside, it’s important to consider the less noticeable ways that an internet marketing company — like GOOGL, FB — track you, consume and potentially sell your data.

15. Top 5 Internet Browsers for Privacy and Security in 2021

Here are some popular and exciting browsers that provide a high level of services for such users including Chrome, Tor, GoLogin, and more.

16. 7 Most Common Google Chrome Problems and How to Fix Them

This is a post on 7 common Google Chrome problems. Learn how to fix them in this in-depth post.

17. Here's Why I Migrated From Chrome to The Brave Browser

Chrome has been my goto for almost a decade now. I’m the kind of person who finds it stupid to cover the webcam (unless I have a sticky note full of credentials on my fridge), so I guess its quite clear already that I’m not so high on privacy concerns but what bothered me the most was how much information Google was extracting from me.

18. 5 Best Browser Extensions For Protecting Your Privacy Online

It is essential for every internet user to comprehend the importance of browser security capabilities to assure they browse the internet safely. Protecting your browser might mean limited functionality of some web sites, but it’ll shield your most sensitive information as well.

19. Navigation Timing API: How to Track Your Website Loading Performance

The Navigation Timing API provides data that can be used to measure the performance of a web site. Unlike JavaScript-based libraries that have historically been used to collect similar information, the Navigation Timing API can be much more accurate and reliable.

20. How To Use Selenium To Catch Page Load Times

There are a number of metrics that are considered during the development & release of any software product. One such metric is the ‘user-experience’ which is centered on the ease with which your customers can use your product. You may have developed a product that solves a problem at scale, but if your customers experience difficulties in using it, they may start looking out for other options. Website or web applications that offer better web design, page load speed, usability (ease of use), memory requirements, and more. Today, I will show you how you can measure page load time with Selenium for automated browser testing. Before doing that, we ought to understand the relevance of page load time for a website or a web app.

21. Why Don't More People Use Brave?

When Brave came out, my world didn’t change. I figured there was no reason to change browsers in a post Internet Explorer world. After all, Google already controls most of my information, why on earth would I want to introduce something new into our almost exclusive relationship.

22. Privacy vs Secrecy and Your Right to Both

If you’ve ever neglected your online privacy because you know you “have nothing to hide!”, this article might make you think twice.

23. How the 'Browser Wars' Changed the Landscape of the Internet

Browsers have been fighting for users since their emergence. Browser wars are going on constantly, and don't stop. I detailed discuss browser wars history.

24. Web Technology Trends in 2022: PWAs, Browsers as OS, Cloud Access

Why Google Chrome is the most popular browser nowadays and what web development trends can shape that?

25. New Browser from CCleaner: Hot Or Not?

If you are thinking of browsing the Internet privately and securely on your Windows computer then its time you rethink about your web browser.

26. The Only 15 Apps I Downloaded and Keep on My MacBook 👨‍💻

Today we'll be looking at my personal top 15 Mac apps. I'm actually quite a minimalist in installing and keeping apps, so these 15 are the only "extra" apps I'm using on my device.

27. What Does Your Browser Know About You?

Find out what your browser knows and reveals about you with this free browser privacy test tool. Built by the team behind Avast Secure Browser.

28. From Web2 to Web3: Is it a Revolution or an Evolution?

On the internet, you can see many pictures showing web2 and web3 applications, like browsers, wallets, storage, and social networks. They try to divide the applications and show you web2 and web3 solutions separately. But does it make sense?

29. How Does HTTP Authentication Work

HTTP provides a general framework for access control and authentication. The most common HTTP authentication is based on the "Basic" schema. This page shows an introduction to the HTTP framework for authentication and shows how to restrict access to your server using the HTTP "Basic" schema.

30. 7 tools to use that test your online browser

A compilation of tools that enable testing of a browser on the cloud or online and make cross-browser testing easier.

31. Building a New Tab Chrome Extension with Zero Dependencies

This story will walk you through the basic steps needed to get started building a new tab Chrome Extension powered by an API without any dependencies. Check out our Tech Stories Tab extension for reference.

32. How Firefox Almost Won the Second Browser War. Almost.

On November 9th, 2004, Mozilla released Firefox 1.0. Born from the fallout of the first browser war, the launch of Firefox signaled the start of the second browser war.

33. Keep Trackers and Advertisers at Bay with these Browser Privacy Tips

Although privacy becomes a priority among browser-creators, they may not go that far as you think. You may want to be as anonymized as possible or fighting in any chance to avoid ads on the internet. So let’s take a look at how to tweak your browser settings to enhance your internet privacy.

34. How to Choose the Best Secure Browser in 2021

Are you browsing securely? Find out how today’s leading browsers stack up in terms of security, privacy, and performance.

35. A Guide to Creating True Cross-Browser Extensions

Since there are no common standards, browsers are using multiple instances like chrome and browser of the same object.

36. WebGL Fundamentals: 2D and 3D Graphics For The Web

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering high-performance interactive 3D and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. WebGL does so by introducing an API that closely conforms to OpenGL ES 2.0 that can be used in HTML5 <canvas> elements. This conformance makes it possible for the API to take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration provided by the user's device.

37. Web Auth Standard: Guide to Web Authentication API

Secure context This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

38. Fake Websites, Fake Companies, Fake Everything: What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves?

Malware protection should act the same way, as a set of shields that protect the entire browser from any type of malware, not just traditional threats.

39. WebRTC API: Create a Real-time Communication In Browser

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology which enables Web applications and sites to capture and optionally stream audio and/or video media, as well as to exchange arbitrary data between browsers without requiring an intermediary. The set of standards that comprise WebRTC makes it possible to share data and perform teleconferencing peer-to-peer, without requiring that the user installs plug-ins or any other third-party software.

40. Nine Essential Privacy Settings and Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers around, and for good reason. It's fast, secure, open-source, and it's backed by an organization that actually respects your privacy. That's why at PrivacyTools we recommend Firefox as a general-purpose browser for most users.

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