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How AI Can Affect Public Opinions Online

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@WiligutRoman Wiligut

Growth hacker, tech enthusiast, journalist, futurist, writer, entrepreneur.

Public opinion is the most powerful tool not only in life, but also on the webspace. There are a lot of options for its use, so much so that you can "destroy" a person, harassment, etc.

Many states are already using these tools to control many aspects of our lives: cameras in the subway and on the streets with face identification, etc. But this is only a small fraction of what corporations such as Google can unite with the state.

P.s For example go to to your Gmail account (if you are not logged in already) and visit your personalizedย Dashboard.

Today I would like to share with you my observations regarding the development of neural networks.

Opinion Leaders in Comments

How often do we watch product reviews before buying? How often do we see a lot of comments under the post, and we can't wait to find out the majority opinion?

"Yes, yes, yes...I know want you mean" - think my readers.

In the age of development of neural networks, such decisions can be a reality. Imagine for a moment that in front of your monitor is a profile of a person who has photos on Instagram, she regularly talks about her life, uploads new photos and ... writes comments and posts. And what if there is more than one?

As a result, you have an army, capable of arranging a revolution and a change in the political system in any country.

10 likes, Brexit, Trump and Memes

The sensational worldwide "UK exit from Brexit" and the "election of Trump" were closely associated with the agency Cambridge Analytics (CA), headed until recently by Alexander Knicks. CA collects user data (based on tests) from social networks(Big data) and sets up personalized targeted advertising on them.

The basis of their development was the scientific work of Mikhail Kosinsky, who found out how you can learn everything about you using 10 likes: skin color, political preferences and much more.

Automation of these processes can give great influence for terrorist groups and countries such as North Korea to use their influence in the world. Isn't it?

Why Memes?

Memes. They are so harmless and so funny. How can you resist them all, eh?

"Propaganda should influence more on the feelings than on the mind" - Joseph Goebbels.

Many neural networks can generate memes on specific topics, make jokes funny and not very. Of course, at this stage, they are only learning. But what awaits them in the future?

Can the AI make jokes? I think yes, and you?

Government agencies are already in full swing with social networks. They can develop such technologies thousands of times better. Why? Because they have no budget constraints, and no one will tell them no, not even the law.


Perhaps this seems like a fantasy, but imagine that you managed to combine all this into one single control system - the whole world will be in your hands, or at least part of it. Voluntarily...


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