AG Audio Watermark Generator V.2 by@Adigold1

AG Audio Watermark Generator V.2

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Adi Goldstein

So what’s new in V.2?

We worked really hard this year to fulfil all your wishes and requests, so here are some of the new features and improvements, we hope you enjoy them!

Control your watermark mix volume. ✔️

On V.2 we’ve added the ability to control your watermark volume so you can adjust the level to fit your track.

Watermark Volume Fader

Preview your watermark mix before processing.✔️

Preview Your Watermark Mix

It’s now easier than ever to know how your watermark will sound on your original track before you complete your process. Just choose your track and hit ‘Preview Watermark’.

Same output folder. ✔️

We wanted to make your workflow easier and faster, so there’s no need to waste time browsing for your output folder.

Easy & Fast Navigation

Here are some more features:

- Totally fresh new design. ✔️
- Faster file processing.✔️
- Process progress bar.✔️
- Convertor preset.✔️
- Quick player for the watermark files.✔️
- Stop or cancel AGwatermark’s process at any time. ✔️
- You can now watermark short SFX’s (0–1sec).✔️
- Now accepting watermark files that are longer than 15sec.✔️
- Drag and drop file order.✔️
- Define tracks order by simply sorting your size/length/file name.✔️
- Choose the same output folder. ✔️
- ‘Suggest an Idea’ section.✔️
- Overwrite file notifications..✔️
- Error messages are now explained.✔️
- Play sound notification when the process ends. ✔️