Addressable and AppsFlyer Revolutionize Mobile Marketing with Blockchain Integrationby@ishanpandey
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Addressable and AppsFlyer Revolutionize Mobile Marketing with Blockchain Integration

by Ishan PandeyApril 18th, 2024
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Addressable, a Web3 growth suite, has teamed up with mobile analytics leader AppsFlyer to revolutionize mobile marketing for Web3 applications.
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Addressable, a Web3 growth suite, has announced a partnership with AppsFlyer, a renowned mobile analytics platform. This partnership signifies a significant advancement in the mobile marketing sector, particularly for Web3 mobile applications, this connection enables mobile developers to use on-chain data to optimise their ad campaigns, an industry-first endeavour that promises to significantly improve marketing campaign efficacy.

Addressable and AppsFlyer mobile advertising campaigns in accordance with On-Chain Lifetime Value (LTV) is a revolutionary concept that is presented by Flyer's partnership. As a result of this approach, the emphasis switches from cost-per-install analytics to the enhancement of on-chain conversions, which disclose the real spending and transaction histories of Web3 customers. Whales are users who are acknowledged for their big transactions inside the Web3 ecosystem and their high net value. Marketers, for example, may now concentrate on "whales." For the purpose of enabling this targeting, dependable on-chain wallet data is used. This makes the process of categorising and targeting certain groups of users more precise and effective.

The shifting scenario was brought to light by Alex Yip, Director of Product Discovery for AppsFlyer, who said,

"We've witnessed a surge in mobile adoption across the Web3 industry that encompasses new data needs and capabilities."

Through the incorporation of Addressable into the AppsFlyer marketplace, Web3 advertisers are able to reap the benefits of a comprehensive picture of mobile analytics, which, when paired with accurate on-chain conversion data, allows them to improve the efficiency of their advertising campaigns.

Prior to a recent period of time, mobile marketing solutions focused mostly on tracking and improving app installations as well as user conversions inside the app itself. On the other hand, this outdated strategy often ignored the vast amount of data that is available on the blockchain. The infrastructure that Addressable provides allows marketers to modify their marketing tactics by making use of on-chain conversion data. This data includes deposit events into wallets and exchanges. This makes it possible to have a more in-depth understanding of user behaviour and spending patterns, which is essential for effectively targeting and engaging significant customers.

Mobile Marketing Ecosystem

As a technology expert monitoring these developments, I believe the combination between Addressable and AppsFlyer is a game-changing move that has the potential to alter mobile marketing techniques across several sectors. This collaboration exemplifies the shifting environment in which data intelligence and technical improvements combine to provide highly targeted and successful marketing solutions.

The future of mobile marketing, especially in the Web3 realm, is bright. Marketers should anticipate improved campaign success, greater conversion rates, and, ultimately, increased user engagement as their on-chain tracking and analysis tools improve. This initiative is not solely focused on technological integration; it aims to create a more transparent, efficient, and user-centric marketing environment.

Addressable and AppsFlyer's strategic alliance is more than simply a technology improvement; it's a bold step towards establishing a more connected and data-driven marketing environment that meets the demands of both contemporary consumers and marketers. Moving forward, this partnership will likely serve as a model for others in the sector, signaling a shift towards more integrated and intelligent marketing techniques in the digital age.

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