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Adam Smith — No longer optional?

Did communism lose the cold war? Did capitalism win? Was there ever such a thing as a free market? Here’s an unorthodox point of view: If the supply of money in a country is controlled by a government or a central bank there is no free market there.

As long as a single entity is able to take a cut at all times, which any entity that controls money supply can through inflation, the market forces are never truly free. Rather, the opposite seems more true. This sounds a lot like central planning and in a way it is. If you control the very forces that drives the market, you’re basically a central planner. And this is just through inflation, not to mention taxes. From this point of view, almost every country in the world is a communist state. Or a corrupt capitalist state depending on your definition. A state with an elite ruling class and no true freedom. Regardless of the terminology, this is one of the main reasons for the enormous wealth gap we are currently seeing in the world. Whether this is good or bad shall be left unsaid but one could argue that a truly free market never existed. That we haven’t tried it yet.

Until now.

Until very recently there were practically no alternatives to government issued currencies. Gold, for instance, is too indivisible and too expensive to transport to be a viable alternative to cash. Enter Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008 an anonymous entity gave the world the blockchain and from that day on the free market was no longer just a puppet show for the elite. The bold, the brave and the tech-savvy were given a way to opt out. To live their lives on another level, no longer having to bend a knee to anyone. The braver they were, the wider the extent of their emancipation. After all, from a certain point of view, a nation is nothing more than the prolonged forced take-over that a few of our ancestors bestowed upon everyone else. In other words, a monopoly on violence.

The cryptocurrency paradigm shift is still happening right now across the entire planet! This is the true grass roots movement. Anything else functions as a deception and only keeps the ducks in line longer. If you believe that there’s an imbalance in the world when the richest 0,5% owns 50% or more of it, this is for you. The truly free market is here today and we can all experience its true potential. We’re so used to having our money lose value over time so we stare in amazement and awe as the price of Bitcoin unapologetically plunges upwards through the imaginary thresholds of fiat money, year after year. But Bitcoin is for everyone and it is here to stay. This is not some Utopian free stuff for everyone dream, this is real. All you need to join the movement is an internet connection and a brain. Our problems are global. Our solutions will have to be global. Time to level the playing field.


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