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Accredible Uses The Blockchain To Safeguard Credentials Against Fraud

Accredible makes it easy to issue and manage digital credentials such as diplomas and professional certifications. Accredible uses Tierion to create verifiable credentials that are cryptographically sealed into the blockchain. Anyone viewing Accredible credentials can be absolutely certain a record has not been altered, providing an ironclad defense against fraud.

“We love Tierion. We needed to find a scalable solution to issue credentials via the blockchain, but as we explored our options, we grew concerned with the high technological and monetary costs. Tierion was the perfect solution. Everything from the initial implementation to the rollout was flawless.”
- Alan Heppenstall, CTO Accredible

Accredible Blockchain Verifiable Credentials

View an example Accredible credential

Accredible is a prime example of a Tierion customer. Credentials are issued using Mozilla’s Openbadges standard. Accredible was able to easily augment the security of their existing product by integrating Tierion.

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Tierion Network

In the near future companies like Accredible and Microsoft will be running nodes on the Tierion Network. Collectively they’ll form a global “proof engine” that safeguards the world’s data. Learn more about The Tierion Network and download our white paper.

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