Hackernoon logoA Starting Point For Building A Mind Garden in 11ty by@binyamin

A Starting Point For Building A Mind Garden in 11ty

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@binyaminBinyamin Green

21 year old dev with a passion for music.

There's a trend growing called mind-gardening. Some refer to it as evergreen note-taking, while others use the term "building a second brain".

As mind gardens have grown, people have built tools to help
grow. I've noticed starter templates for Gatbsy and Jekyll, but none for Eleventy (my favorite SSG).

I've been coding my own digital garden with Eleventy, and I realized that it was pretty simple. So, I created a minimal template for building a mind garden in Eleventy

It's on GitHub, and there's a live demo. Oh, and don't forget to star the repo!

Previously published at https://dev.to/b3u/a-template-for-building-a-mind-garden-in-11ty-2eog


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