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A Procrastinating Blogger

As a writer, I try to write a new article about how to get around the task of writing a new book. I don’t start writing immediately, I keep working on the list until I get the idea right away. This method is called “Strategic procrastination’s’. It takes time to think about what you want to do and what you need to do right away. It is a way of avoiding the task and getting around it. I’m not sure how long it will take to get the article.
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As a blogger, I try to write on various topics like programming, blogging and work culture. I always have a big list of topics to write on and I work on them as described below.

I get ideas for a new blog post while reading a book, riding my scooter, watching a tv-series or attending a meeting in the office. Whenever I get an idea, I quickly open up my phone and write a one-liner about it.

I revisit the to-do list later and try to add more points. I don’t start writing the blog immediately, I take a break. I keep procrastinating on the blog post ideas until I get the conviction.

After a few days, I check the idea list again and pick the one that I feel confident and begin writing the blog in my notebook.

Finally, I digitalize the article that I’ve written in my notebook and shape up the final version. Shaping up process involves spell checks, proofreads, writing headlines and scraping out some content.

This concept of procrastinating for better is called “Strategic procrastination”. I was not aware of the name until recently when I stumbled upon a Facebook post.

Strategic procrastination

When you have a lot of tasks in your to-do list and you realize putting off some of the tasks for later will bring the best output. So delaying it by a day or so gives you more time to be more creative and to think better. This way of delaying is called Strategic procrastination.

Strategic procrastination is most suited for creative workers like writers, designers, and innovators. Building the habit of keeping up with a procrastinated work is not easy. It takes time to mastermind it, how you procrastinate and what you do while procrastinating makes the difference.

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