A package that creates a package!by@matteo_gabriele

A package that creates a package!

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Matteo Gabriele
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How to quickly start coding your next npm package

I was tired of typing same stuff over and over, to maybe just see if something was possible or not; so meanwhile I was trying to have an idea for another package, I’ve created a package that makes a package…quickly

It’s called create-npm-package

It checks for you if the package name is available, it grabs your global git information so it can fill in your data in the package.json file, it drops a scaffold with some webpack configurations and few devDependencies and it also initialize a git repository: that’s it!

I still don’t know how much I can evolve this package, since I would like it to be pretty generic, but we’ll see.

Please drop some ideas or questions on my Github repo here and I hope you will find it useful: at least I do!


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