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A Look at the Security Risks of IoT Devices

It is estimated that by 2020, not so far from now, 20.4 billion smart home devices will be installed. Nearly doubling the number installed this year alone, there are IoT devices heated towards the whole family, from mom, dad, kids, and even pets. With this growing popularity though, security concerns grow as well — ignoring the safety and integrity of these devices enables risk.

Getting into the habit of being mindful of IoT devices is essential when bringing them into the home. Routines like checking devices for unwanted connectivity features, updating two-factor authentication settings, and opening up a separate network for guests keep us mindful and protected from the risks. Even the FBI recommends resetting your router once in a while, to avoid VPNFilter malware. Habits as simple as regularly checking for security patch updates can make a huge difference against cyber criminals. As a household, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to cyber safety and IoT connectivity makes for a secure home.

If it’s got an internet connection, it very well may be vulnerable to cyber attack. Do you know how secure your home IoT devices are? This infographic details the security risks of IoT devices and how to manage them safely with smart security measures.

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