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A Look at the Healthcare Jobs of the Future

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The COVID-19 pandemic monumentally changed every facet of society as we once knew it, especially within the healthcare industry. In Apploi’s 2021 healthcare trends report, Ben Wolin, Chief Executive Officer at Covetrus and Board Director at Apploi, aptly depicts the reluctant relationship between healthcare and technological integration as “a slow march towards digital transformation [that] COVID has taken…. to a full-out sprint.”

Widespread digital adoption has taken the world by storm and those who don’t evolve with the change are going to quickly find it very hard to survive in this new landscape. Apploi, the “world's easiest high-volume recruitment platform, has proved themselves to be a leading company in the push towards universal, technological acclimation by way of their 2021 report, which includes several propositions on how to improve upon the new technological infrastructure in the days to come.

The digital evolution of 2020, has provided virtual health with the groundwork to take technological healthcare advances “well beyond video-visits.”

One of the most important questions that has been raised is how to care for those who are at the highest risk for COVID contamination without simultaneously endangering their health.

Switching from in-person services to virtual visits is a helpful Band-Aid; however, it does little to solve the root problem. The use of robots to sanitize facilities, especially ones that high risk individuals would have regular interaction with (like nursing homes), has already been begun to be embraced with positive results. The utilization of patient data that is “already generating daily on [our] devices” would allow providers to gain access to the whole patient in order to supply “personalized recommendations for improving their wellbeing”. The induction of telehealth has “[laid] the groundwork for even greater innovations” for those willing to embrace the change.

Several companies are probably harboring hope that things will simply go back to the way they were once the COVID spread begins to minimize, but that will not be the case at all.

The implementation of digital healthcare has given patients a taste of just how empowering it can be to direct the course of their own care, a feeling that they aren’t going to want to give up any time soon.

Apploi has adapted to embrace the new normal which has made them a leading pioneer and those who continue to resist the change will find it more and more difficult to compete.



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