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A Look at PeachHub & Its Defi-Focused Trading Tools

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has grown to become one of the most popular ecosystems in the crypto space. 

DeFi enables investors to provide liquidity for decentralized exchanges (DEX’s), farm exchange tokens, and stake cryptocurrencies for passive income.

With this massive growth comes the need for tools catered specifically to DeFi investors to help them track and manage their tokens.

This is where Peachfolio comes in. The DeFi-focused wallet tracking platform has recently launched their PeachHub web app. 

This new tracking platform for desktop devices expands on the original mobile app by adding detailed tracking and analytics tools.

In this post, we’ll look at Peachfolio and their PeachHub app, as well as the features available for DeFi investors.

There is a lack of readily available tracking and analytics tools in decentralized finance.

Due to its volatile nature, cryptocurrencies need charts, price tracking tools, and other analytical programs to help investors keep track of their holdings and spot new opportunities.

While these tools are available on centralized crypto exchanges, the same tools are not available for DeFi investors.

When investors trade on centralized exchanges, they have access to features such as advanced analytics, portfolio tracking and detailed charts.

However, most decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) don’t have these features, usually only offering a swap interface for token trading. 

There are a few DEX’s that have charts for their tokens, but these charts are limited in functionality, providing only a basic overview of the coins history.

This lack of tools for DeFi is what led a group of experienced crypto investors to build Peachfolio. 

The project is an ecosystem of products designed to give every DeFi investor  the tools to make informed decisions and better trades. 

What is the Peachfolio App?

The Peachfolio mobile app is a free wallet tracker app for Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to keep track of their wallets, set price alerts, and get in-depth insights for all of their tokens.

The wallet tracking app is optimized for DeFi investors and features price alerts, real-time charts, transaction history, and profit & loss reports. 

It also tracks all Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ERC-20), and Polygon (MATIC) tokens in a user's portfolio.

Peachfolio also has a Daily Gainers list that lets users know which tokens have increased in value over the last 24 hours. 

Since all kinds of tokens are tracked (from blue chip tokens to micro-cap coins), users are able to spot new potential investment opportunities. 

This is amplified by the fact that Peachfolio tracks every single BSC and ERC-20 token ever created, allowing traders to discover new gems or old coins that have risen in value. 

Peachfolio has its own native token, $PCHF, that allows holders to add as many wallets as they want to the app.

The app works by users entering their wallet address, so they won’t need to add their seed phrase or add a password to use the app. 

All of the data is stored locally on your phone, protecting sensitive information from malicious actors online.

PeachHub’s Features

PeachHub is a web app for desktop devices that provides real-time data, charting, and analytics for investors.

PeachHub’s features include:

  • Portfolio tracking - Users can track profit & loss of their holdings, trading statistics, total reflections earned, etc.
  • Technical analysis tools - Users can view multiple charts, token market caps and transaction history, analysis on holders and volumes, and whale watching tools.
  • Advanced alerts - Customizable price alerts beyond simple price changes.
  • Capital gains tax calculations - Users can get detailed reports and calculations based on their specific tax jurisdictions.
  • Newsfeed - Access integrated articles, RSS feeds, and breaking market news to stay updated with the DeFi ecosystem
  • Presale market analysis - Users can view lists of upcoming presales with built-in reminders so they don’t miss any exciting opportunities.

Peachfolio plans to add even more features to the PeachHub app:

  • A graphical distribution of a token's holders is shown in this token holder study.
  • An examination of liquidity that shows where it is, when it was added or deleted, and where it has migrated.
  • Distribution via social media insights on where a token's largest community is located, including follower counts, post statistics, and more
  • Clickable links to all the markets where a token may be purchased.

These tools should be helpful for investors who are into DeFi and trading lesser-known crypto tokens.

Final Thoughts

Decentralized exchanges don’t provide the same trading and analytics tools featured on centralized exchange platforms. 

PeachHub can make it easier for DeFi investors to keep on top of their investments through its charting, price tracking and whale tracking tools.

Disclaimer: This story was submitted by an independent contributor and the views expressed in this story do not present the views of Hacker Noon.

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