A Look at Gleec: The Integrated Blockchain Tools Platform by@bensoncrypto
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A Look at Gleec: The Integrated Blockchain Tools Platform

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There are many disconnected protocols in the crypto space. However, some platforms integrate multiple tools into one space. Gleec is one of those platforms, and we'll look at how it works.

What is Gleec?

Gleec was established in 2015 with a primary emphasis on encrypted telecommunications. In 2017, the company decided to join the realm of blockchain and cryptography since it seemed to be a road full of potential for the future of technology. The firm decided to focus on developing an ecosystem that functions around them.

A portfolio of integrated goods and initiatives began to be built from this vantage position. The first was the Gleec Wallet, which was subsequently enhanced and renamed the Gleec BTC Exchange. The next currency to emerge was Gleec Token, which assumed its role as the ecosystem's native coin in 2018. Gleec has been steadily developing, and the company now offers seven solutions that cover different aspects of the blockchain sector.

How does it work?

Gleec is an ecosystem of various blockchain-based protocols, including exchanges, wallets, and payment platforms.

Gleec Exchange

Gleec BTC Exchange is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies that gives users access to over one hundred market pairings. These market pairs include Gleec Coin in addition to EUR-BTC and EUR-GLEEC. The exchange network architecture promotes openness, provides a guarantee of security, and makes it easier to track transactions.

The platform's software is being developed in collaboration with Scalable Solutions, so it receives regular updates. In addition, a new mobile application is being developed, and its launch is expected to take place within the next several months.

The exchange will soon be linked with Gleec's bank; once it is, customers will have the option to have their Gleec Pay IBAN accounts combined with their Gleec BTC accounts. In this manner, customers can move money straight from their IBAN accounts to their SPOT accounts, all inside the account dashboard. Another connection currently being developed is the BTC-USDT conversion button, which will enable Gleec SV point-of-sale merchants to change money or even have the conversion done automatically for them.

Gleec SV: El Salvador Digital Point-of-Sale

Gleec El Salvador is a company that the government of El Salvador has granted a license, and it provides its contractors with the opportunity to convert Bitcoin payments into US Dollars automatically via the Gleec BTC Exchange.

Gleec El Salvador is a company that the government of El Salvador has granted a license. The point of sale (POS) and payment system are digital and accessible via a web page. It enables users to take cryptocurrency payments using any device, regardless of location; all they need is a connection to the Internet.

Gleec Pay

Gleec Pay is a regulated digital financial institution licensed in Canada (MSB) and Ukraine (EMI). The platform enables users to open a fully functioning bank account complete with an IBAN. The integration of Gleec Pay is now taking place to facilitate the transfer of money between the bank and the exchange. Gleec Pay offers business-to-consumer and business-to-business (B2B) bespoke payment solutions.

Gleec DEX

A wallet that does not hold users' private keys also has DEX capabilities. A wallet that does not store user funds and a DEX swap platform combined into a single application. GleecDEX is compatible with the currency chain's architecture, enabling the exchange of Gleec Coin without the need for an intermediary or a custodian. For users who value their privacy, GleecDEX eliminates the need that they provide any personal information to maintain possession of the private keys associated with their wallets.

Gleec Racing

Assetto Corsa is a racing simulation game that Gleec created in collaboration with the Buggyra Racing Team to provide a driving experience that is as close to the real thing as possible, featuring authentic automobile characteristics and details. Since the start of this 2022, there has been a competition known as the weekly Grand Prix series, and the winners have been awarded in the form of Gleec Coin.

Gleec Market

A market that accepts cryptocurrencies and has excellent e-commerce logistics, both of which are made feasible by other goods offered by Gleec. The Gleec Market is presently undergoing development, and the market's release is aimed for next year.

Gleec Token

The native token of the Gleec Ecosystem is GLEEC. The asset, which was developed on Komodo Smart Chain and had a total supply of 210 Million Coins, can be used to secure the Gleec network, top up a user's Visa Gleec Card and pay for products and services. 


Gleec is an ecosystem of tools and blockchain-based protocols, enabling users to trade crypto, pay via crypto and engage in the metaverse.


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