A Little History about Path to 1000 by@adammckerlie

A Little History about Path to 1000

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Adam McKerlie

As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve always been interested in starting side projects and making a little side income for as long as I can remember. It’s a fantastic way to try something new, learn and experiment without investing too much time or money into something. The problem for me is always motivation. Side projects are hard and with limited hours to work on them and a thousand other things competing for my attention they always seem to get dropped. To combat that I’ve started this challenge. My goal is to hit $1000 in monthly revenue from my side projects.

About Me

This year I’m turning 30. I have an amazing and supportive wife and my son was born last year. For the past 6.5 years I’ve worked at G Adventures, an adventure travel company moving up the ranks from developer to manager to director. All of this has allowed me to be confident enough, both mentally and financially to try things.

Current Projects

One of the things I’m going to be doing is having a monthly recap with all of the revenues from my different projects. Currently, all of the revenue comes from my first Etsy shop WeddingSixpence. This project started right after I got married when I found out the tradition of putting sixpences in the bride’s shoe.
I’m going to speak more in depth on this project in the future but for now it’s a fairly self sustaining side project that I really want to take to the next level.

Future Projects

While I don’t want to say too much since I haven’t officially launched anything I’ve got three different etsy shops planned as well as one SaaS idea. Two of the ideas (SaaS and one of the etsy shops) revolve around new parents since this directly relates to my current life. The other two etsy shops relate to beards (yes beards) and terrariums. I’m not sure yet which order I release them in or even if I’ll release all of them so stay tuned!

What to expect from Path to 1000

So what should you expect from this publication? Why should you follow along? I’m planning on having a number of different types of posts. There will be posts on the struggles of having side projects while working 40 hours a week and raising a family. There will be posts on my failures and how you can do things differently. There will be tips and tricks for running etsy shops. There will be posts on how to launch new products.
As you can see I’ve got a number of ideas on content and I’ve already started a number of them. Please leave a comment if there’s specific things you’d be interested in reading.
If you’re interested in starting your own side hustle feel free to join my new mailing list or follow me here to keep up to date with all new posts. If you’re excited to see future tips, tricks and whether or not I can get to $1000/month please click on the recommend button below.
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