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Hackernoon logoA Literal Shitcoin, Block One Votes, and Gitpod by@sjkelleyjr

A Literal Shitcoin, Block One Votes, and Gitpod

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A Literal Shitcoin

The Ethereum community’s crypto-economic experimentation is what sets it apart in the blockchain space. Even if this idea is a joke, there is a lot of creativity around the idea.


I found this insanely cool project right before posting last week’s newsletter while doing some work in this repository. This is an awesome idea, and something I could see taking off in the open source community. Kudos to the Gitpod team for such a great product.

Block One Begins Voting

Block one currently holds 9.5% of all EOS tokens. It will be interesting to see what they do with these tokens. Will they vote for block producers? If so, which ones, and how will they make the decision?

Twitter Outlines Political Ad Ban

I covered the advertising ban in this week’s newsletter. Expect more Twitter related content as I’m still eyeing the company as a potential investment. The claim in the link above is that 2018 mid-term election ad revenue was less than $3 million. This supports what I’m hearing in various tech forums as well. 

Twitter’s last earnings were marred by a bug in their ad-tech software, which is what drove the stock down. I’ve yet to hear any news about the progress of the bug fix, but at this point, that’s the only thing keeping me from a purchase right now. Particularly, that the bug could effect Q4 earnings if it still hasn’t been fixed and drive the stock still further down.

AWS Challenges JEDI Contract

I’m sure no one is surprised by this given there are currently ongoing impeachment hearings. It remains to be seen if there will be sufficient evidence of foul play to overturn the decision though.

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Breaks Records

This is an insane amount of money. For context, Amazon is estimated to have done roughly $7 billion in sales for Prime Day this year and all of Cyber Monday was estimated to be around $8 billion in sales last year. Yet, it still wasn’t enough for Jack.

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