A Guide to Hiring iOS and Android Developers by@iapptechnologiesllp

A Guide to Hiring iOS and Android Developers

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Ever since we entered the era of Smartphones, there was no turning back. Mobile phones have turned out to be our best companions and continue to be in the present. When talking about the revenue generated by the mobile app industry, it has skyrocketed tenfold. According to the current statistics, the mobile app development revenue is expected to reach up to $935 billion by the year 2023. So, if you have decided to develop a mobile application for your business, the time is now. Hire a dedicated team of iOS and Android Developers to bring your app idea into reality.

The biggest question that lies here, is how to find the best mobile app developers who would implement your app idea in the way it is planned, or in a realistic manner? Let us understand the important things before hiring iOS and Android developers and how to find the right one.

Easy Steps to Hire iOS and Android Developers

Finding the right developer for building your business app can be a strenuous task. Therefore, you have to be prepared with the app’s blueprint so that you can hire developers. Have a look at a few things you need to know before finding a mobile app developer:

Decide the Platform

The first step is to choose the platform you want to develop an app for. If you want to build the app for the iOS platform, then you need to hire iOS developers. And, hire an Android developer if you want to build the app for the Android platform. Moreover, you have to decide whether you need a freelance developer or a dedicated mobile app development company. If you have limited funds, then you can hire a freelancer for your app development. But, if you’re looking to build a robust, enterprise-class mobile app, consider hiring a software development company.

Research Well

Before entrusting your project to anyone, you need to understand the industry’s intricacies. Understand a few basics and get a clear idea about programming languages used, average rates, or more. This will assist you in selecting the best Android or iOS developer for your project.


Learn about their app development expertise. In particular, inquire whether they have previously developed an app comparable to yours or worked with advanced technologies and tools. Knowing more about them will provide you with a clear image of what to expect from the possible app developer.

Communication Skills

While communication is not the most important thing to consider, it cannot be ignored. If the mobile developer does not grasp your requirements, they will be unable to meet your expectations. Therefore, it is critical to learn how effectively they can communicate and comprehend your idea.

Screening test

The next step in hiring Android developers is screening. Research well and make a list of some good app developers as per your requirements. Choose the developers who have years of experience in building similar apps in the same niche. You can check their portfolio and check applications that they have previously developed.

Interview the chosen developers thoroughly and ask questions like development cost and time, hidden charges, milestones, or more. The best way to cross-verify is to check clients’ reviews and testimonials that vouch for the developer.

What should you look for in iOS developers?

iOS Developer Hard Skills

Below is the list of the primary hard or technical skills of an iOS developer:

  • Proficiency in Swift iOS, Objective-C, and C++
  • Xcode IDE
  • iOS SDK, APNS, GCD, etc.
  • Expertise in code data framework
  • Databases: CoreData, Realm Sqlite
  • Experience in Metal and OpenGL
  • Knowledge of APIs and integration
  • Ability to edit code written by others
  • Knowledge of Apple Human Interface guidelines
  • UI/UX standards
  • Frameworks: StoreKit, Core Bluetooth, MapKit, AVFoundation

iOS Developer Soft Skills

Below is the list of the soft skills of an iOS developer:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ethical values
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Determination
  • Stress management
  • Proactivity

What should you look for in Android developers?

Android Developer Hard Skills

Below is the list of the technical skills of an Android developer:

  • Proficiency in Java, Kotlin, and Android SDK
  • UX/UI development
  • XML coding
  • SQL
  • Android app backend functionality
  • Knowledge of Android studio
  • Knowledge of APIs and integration
  • Experience with databases like Room
  • Frameworks: MVC, MVP, and MVVM

Android Developer Soft Skills

Below is the list of the soft skills of an Android developer:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Quality-oriented
  • Inventiveness
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Self-assured
  • Stress management
  • Determination

The Final Verdict

Hiring the best Android or iOS developers is a time-consuming process. Therefore, you should stay clear about the app idea, platform, and be well-informed about the latest technologies and the changes in the mobile app industry. We hope this comprehensive guide will help you find and hire iOS developers for your business app.


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