A Common Mistake That Will End Your Game Development Dreams Before They Even Begin

I have a good friend that I am going call Sam for this post. And Sam has a really bad habit: he just can’t stick with one thing that he is trying to do.

He starts his diet and talks about it with passion and dedication. He keeps up with it for a month and starts getting results… but after that you see Sam eating unhealthy food, cheats on his diet and gets back to the same old ways.

And he has problems like these for everything in life. Recently I gave him some advice about how he can start his online business and what he needs to do to get started.

He was so pumped up he bought the equipment he needs, and he set everything up. He tried working for one month and guess what happened… he quit.

And he does this with everything in his life. He gets pumped up in the start, and then he just quits.

I always try to take away lessons from anything that I encounter, be that from my life or other people’s lives. And this particular example reminded me of when I started to learn how to code and make games.

I was so excited that I wanted to learn everything. How to create games, how to save my game data, how to implement monetization, how to add multiplayer features…basically every aspect of game development.

What happened is that in a couple of days I was exhausted trying all of these different parts at once. I got so caught up going from one thing to another it almost made me quit.

Not to mention that I was not absorbing any aspect that I was trying to “learn.” Because I was trying to learn so many things at once.

And this made me realize, you need to keep your focus on one thing only, and when you get so comfortable with that one thing that you feel you are a master of it, then you can move on to the second thing that you want to learn.

After I realized this, things got easier for me. I dumped everything else I was trying to learn, and I started learning just how to make games in Unity.

Focusing only on Unity for some time I finally started to grasp how things work, and eventually, I was able to create smaller games on my own.

This is a very important point when you want to learn anything related to programming, be that game development or something else.

You need to choose one thing and stick with that one thing until you have a really good understanding about it.

Want to learn how to make games, pick one game engine, be that unity, unreal, game maker, the one you think is best for you and stick with it.

I suggest Unity it’s the game engine of the cool kids 😎

And don’t try to learn every aspect of game development right away. I see students just starting out with game development, and they are already concerned about how can they publish their game on steam.

Don’t rush things, first create your game then think about how can you publish it online.

I had to learn this the hard way, but I am giving you my advice so that you can take a shortcut and don’t have to waste your time as I did.

Remember, the key to learning how to make games is: Stick with one concept and don’t try to learn anything else until you master the previous one.

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